My mama's mama

15 years ago today, my mama lost her mama.

Betty Jean Hoth Arrington | My grandma up around Utah State. Aggie/Logan blood runs deep in our family. :)
I had just come home from basketball practice and my entire family was sitting in the living room where I was told we needed to talk.

I thought, "Man, what could I have done so bad that the entire family needs to talk to me about?"

It was then the news was broken to me gently that my grandma had left this life.

We buried her on Valentine's Day ... 15 years ago.  All the grandchildren were asked to leave her a Valentine, in her casket.

I will soon have lived longer without my grandma than I did with her. That is a hard pill to swallow.

There are so many things I loved about my mama's mama. One thing that I will always be grateful for is how she took care of my older sister and I ... while my mama was taking care of our brother - in the hospital.

While we were away from our mama, I remember she would always make me my favorite dinner - spaghetti - to make the unknown a little bit easier to bear ... bringing a little bit of our home to hers.

We always knew of her love as it was evident in everything she did and sacrificed for us.

Her hugs were second to none {as well as her homemade rolls}. :)

She was a wonderful mama. She was a wonderful grandma.

And she is missed. Every single day.

There are no words known to express my gratitude to this woman for the grandma she was and for the mama she helped my mama become. For both, I am eternally grateful.

Love that woman something fierce.

And for today ... that's all.


Katie Jane said...

I think she looks so much like you and Tiff! Tender tender feelings.

Missy W. said...

what beautiful memories you have of your grandma!

Shan said...

Great post.

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