Meet Elisabeth!

Hey, peeps. I wanted you to meet one of my friends. Her name is Elisabeth. 

Elisabeth is fabulous. We met {at least to my memory} at a Relief Society activity at First Dam over the summer. We were playing {what I would call an awkward} "Getting to Know You!" game where we were asked oh-so fabulous questions like, "Are you single? Or do you have a crush on someone?" Goo. Never ask me those questions ... at least not if you aren't prepared for a sarcastic response, or to be completely and entirely ignored ... for potentially the rest of your life. ;)

Elisabeth was a good sport and answered all the questions. And I liked her.

She is a hoot. And over at her little blog, discusses lots and lots of fun and happy things {including cute things she wears!}. She is going to give you a little blurp into her life and into her blog. 


Yo, Best Day Ever readers!!
I'm Elisabeth and I blog over at Imma Walking Fashion Crime.

I rarely make fashion crime status, but I DO like to try new things!
Experimenting with clothing is what being a true "fashion crime" is all about!
Putting things together that you would have never thought of before!
I believe that being a true fashion crime is getting out of YOUR comfort zone and trying fashion statements that you would have never thought you would be able to pull off.
A good example of this is leggings.
I was always super skeptical of leggings because I felt like they looked really bad on me.
But one day, I thought to myself "You know what, I want to be able to rock these and I'm going to!"
And thus, I did.
Biggest  moment in my life.
I want to know what you guys have tried! Have there been any fashion statements you thought you could never pull off, but then did?!


Sarah V. said...

New follower here! :) I came over from "Imma Walking Fashion Crime". Your guest post there was great! And, there were 12 exclamation marks used in it, including the one in the post title. :p

Shan said...

Like this one. I've extended myself to jewelry that I didn't think I could do. It's a start.

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