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Today, I walked into a room at work. One of my clients {who has been diagnosed with Autism and is non-verbal} saw me and immediately let go of his staff's hand and came over to me to hold my hand.

He was heading out the door to go on a community outing. I began walking with him towards the door, even though I was not going with him. As we reached the door, I let his hand go and told him goodbye. I began to walk away and he turned around to watch me as he reached out for me. 

I kindly told him I was staying and told him to have fun, that I would see him when he got back.

Another staff member turned to me and said, "He loves you so much."

"And I love him," I thought to myself.

It was the perfect reminder that on this day of love, all forms of love should be celebrated

The truth is, I have never celebrated this holiday with a significant other. But I also have never felt the holiday has lacked. Because genuine love can be and should be sought and given, regardless of the source, the type or the day.

So, today, my friends, I hope you found that genuine love. And I hope you gave it. In whatever form it presented itself.

Happy Valentine's Day!

P.S. This package came today.

And I am pretty much expecting it to change my life. Return tomorrow to find out why!


Shan said...

I'm on pins and needles for this life changing package explanation.

jill said...

I loved when he would do that with me! Or as I would walk past him he would stop and wait for me and reach out for my hand. I loved how he'd see me and get a huge smile. I miss those boys.

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