DIY | Glitter Vial Necklace

2012 was a big year for me ... because I found out what the acronym DIY stood for.


And 2013 has been an even bigger year because I actually did something myself.

Well, okay. Jillian kinda did help. But, whatev. We aren't going to call it DIYBLJHAL {Do it yourself but let Jilly help a little}.

We saw some adorable glitter vial necklaces at a boutique in town. Immediately Jilly says, "We could make those."

I perceived that as, "YOU could make those" as I am not one to make much ... nothing really. 

And then a few days later she and Claire were talking about having  a ... dare I say it? A crafternoon.

I did the only thing I could do - ignore such crazy talk.

... Until Claire whipped out glitter.

And then I was sold.

All I had to do was dump pour a little glitter into a vial.

Pop the little cork and a hook in it.

Add a little super glue and a chain.

Annnnd ... voila! An adorable necklace!

It took less than seven minutes to accomplish. And that, my friends, is my kind of crafting! 

I have now blogged recipes, about my babies, a fashion post and now a DIY. I think I have officially made it into the blogging world, peeps. And I couldn't be more proud of myself. ;)

P.S. Valentine's Day is in seven days ... And I have big plans! Just.you.wait!

Shout out to Claire who took all of these photos!


Missy W. said...

I don't think I know who you are anymore.

Mike said...

At first I thought that you were calling these necklaces "wretchedly bad; repulsive or disgusting; unpleasant" and then I saw the picture and realized "OH! They're *vial* necklaces!" :-)

The Suzzzz said...

This reminds me of going to dances when I was in college...we usually ended up wearing the glitter.

Shan said...

This is awesome! Way to go.

Sierra said...

Hey now! This is a DIY craft I actually have time for. Suh-weet!

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