Book Review : A Good American by Alex George


In 1904, Frederick and Jette make one of the toughest decisions in their life when they choose to flee their homeland of Germany to find brighter days in America. Neither knowing a lick of English, they embark on their new life together with high hopes.


Wow. What can I say? Wow.

The first half of this novel was actually quite pleasing. Surprisingly pleasing, actually.

I loved the optimism of the character Frederick. He fully embraced his new country and his new life. He flourished.

Jette, on the other hand, ached for Germany. For years. Actually, she really never gave up aching for Germany, just kept on keeping on a tad more pleasantly, more resiliently, I s'pose.

It was interesting to see the contrast of how the chose to live their lives, because it was a choice. I rooted for Frederick and his optimism to live the American dream. And I wanted to kick Jette  for refusing to find joy in her journey for so long.  

It was also disheartening to see the deterioration of their relationship because of their dishonesty ... something that is a truism in life.

The book was very unique to anything I have read {at least in regards to anything I have read in a long, long time}. In one page you could jump several years in the lives of the characters. Throughout the book, you travel through the lives of four generations!

And, to be honest, the first generation and possibly the second were the only ones worth reading {in my humble opinion}. The book got uber weird about half way through.

Complete disappointment. And unnecessary inappropriateness.  The lengths people will go to write something racy enough to grab attention ... is quite disappointing. To say the least. 

Oh, and there is a lot of death throughout the book. A.lot.of.death.

As you can see, I am less thrilled by this book than any other I have had the chance to read through the book club, of which I am part.  My experiences through this book in and book out, make me wonder where conservative America has gone. For it is clearly not in novels.

I cannot think of a soul I know personally who would want to read the last half of the book. So, instead of suggesting this one, I will leave you two suggestions for books that I looooved. :)

Yearning for the Living God by Enzio Busche 

Lastly, this was a paid review by Blogher Book Club. However, the opinions expressed are {clearly} my own.

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Shan said...

Thank you for the warning. I may avoid that book. :)

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