Perspective {& Obsession}

the state of one's ideas, the facts known to one, etc.

I am always intrigued how two people can observe the exact same thing, yet perceive what has happened entirely different.

Recently, I had such an experience. And I couldn't help but find completely ridiculous {funny} and left me quite baffled.

A person that was {maybe currently still is - I don't know!?} in my life expressed that he felt I was obsessed with him ... and he found me overwhelming.


Mind blow for several reasons. 1. I have no obsession feelings towards this man {or any other human for that matter ... well, maybe besides Bernard Lagat, but whatev}. 2. I couldn't fathom what would have led him to believe this.

So ... I asked.

He said, "Well, you left me the treats on my car last week."

Yes, I did. I left treats on his car because he was having a bad day. And let's not forget to mention I leave treats for co-workers, friends, married friends of both genders, single friends of both genders ... and sometimes even strangers {like the man who booted my car}. 

I prodded for more, "Anything else?"

"Well, that email you wrote."

Perplexed. I had not written him an email ... well, none since April 2012.

"You mean the email I wrote you in April 2012?"

"Yes, that one."


I am obsessed with this man because I gave him treats in February 2013 and wrote him an email in April 2012! {The contents of which were, I am grateful to have him as a friend and I thought he was a good person ... contents of which, I send to lots of people in email form, when they are having a rough-go at life}.

I thought I was just being nice.

But, clearly ... I was being obsessed

Man! I hate it when I am obsessed and don't even know it.

{I am clearly fine when I am obsessed and do  know it ... USU basketball, the color pink, sparkly things, etc.} 

I guess the only thing we all can hope for is that ... I don't become obsessed with YOU. Well, unless you like friendly emails one year and then a treat the following year.

Personally, I think if the world was more "obsessed" like I was, it would be a better place. AND! If you want to be "obsessed" with me in said manner, go right ahead. You may email me at runaholic at gmail dot com and for my treat ... I prefer chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

When I started writing this out today, I was bothered/baffled at such contradicting perceptions from this individual ... but now that I think of it, it is fantastic! I could see this working out very well for me {if you all just get obsessed with me}. 

So, thanks in advance for your obsession and have a wonderful day! :)

P.S. I hope if he sees this he doesn't add this to the list of obsession. ;)


Meet Elisabeth!

Hey, peeps. I wanted you to meet one of my friends. Her name is Elisabeth. 

Elisabeth is fabulous. We met {at least to my memory} at a Relief Society activity at First Dam over the summer. We were playing {what I would call an awkward} "Getting to Know You!" game where we were asked oh-so fabulous questions like, "Are you single? Or do you have a crush on someone?" Goo. Never ask me those questions ... at least not if you aren't prepared for a sarcastic response, or to be completely and entirely ignored ... for potentially the rest of your life. ;)

Elisabeth was a good sport and answered all the questions. And I liked her.

She is a hoot. And over at her little blog, discusses lots and lots of fun and happy things {including cute things she wears!}. She is going to give you a little blurp into her life and into her blog. 


Yo, Best Day Ever readers!!
I'm Elisabeth and I blog over at Imma Walking Fashion Crime.

I rarely make fashion crime status, but I DO like to try new things!
Experimenting with clothing is what being a true "fashion crime" is all about!
Putting things together that you would have never thought of before!
I believe that being a true fashion crime is getting out of YOUR comfort zone and trying fashion statements that you would have never thought you would be able to pull off.
A good example of this is leggings.
I was always super skeptical of leggings because I felt like they looked really bad on me.
But one day, I thought to myself "You know what, I want to be able to rock these and I'm going to!"
And thus, I did.
Biggest  moment in my life.
I want to know what you guys have tried! Have there been any fashion statements you thought you could never pull off, but then did?!


One Photo, Four Ways

I have a friend named Lissa, who is an amazing photographer. 

She has a series she sometimes does on her blog where she does one photo, three ways. I have never told her this, but it is one of my favorite things she does.

So, I thought I would give it a whirl.

While she changes a gorgeous photo with different accents, coloring, lighting, etc. ... My one photo will be done a little bit differently. And it will actually be "One Photo, Two Ways, Repeated Lots".


This man ...

 saved this man's life.

This man ...

also drained my toenail.

As you can imagine, this man ...

And I are equally grateful for this man ...

And for his endless abilities of saving lives and draining toenails. Both of which, clearly, being life-altering events.

That's all.


Facebook Finds Friday | Week One

I think I am going to try something new on Fridays around here.

I think I am going to show you the spectacular things I have found on Facebook.

And show them to you on Friday.

So I can have the awesome alliteration of Facebook Finds Friday.

Here is what I found this week. Which is your favorite?

P.S. I would like this to be an interactive weekly post. MEANING, if you find something awesomely awesome on Facebook throughout the week, send it my way and if I find it equally awesomely awesome, I will put it up {with credit going to you as the finder, obviously}. Send awesome finds here: runaholic at gmail dot com.

Can't wait to see what you find!! :)



Book Review : A Good American by Alex George


In 1904, Frederick and Jette make one of the toughest decisions in their life when they choose to flee their homeland of Germany to find brighter days in America. Neither knowing a lick of English, they embark on their new life together with high hopes.


Wow. What can I say? Wow.

The first half of this novel was actually quite pleasing. Surprisingly pleasing, actually.

I loved the optimism of the character Frederick. He fully embraced his new country and his new life. He flourished.

Jette, on the other hand, ached for Germany. For years. Actually, she really never gave up aching for Germany, just kept on keeping on a tad more pleasantly, more resiliently, I s'pose.

It was interesting to see the contrast of how the chose to live their lives, because it was a choice. I rooted for Frederick and his optimism to live the American dream. And I wanted to kick Jette  for refusing to find joy in her journey for so long.  

It was also disheartening to see the deterioration of their relationship because of their dishonesty ... something that is a truism in life.

The book was very unique to anything I have read {at least in regards to anything I have read in a long, long time}. In one page you could jump several years in the lives of the characters. Throughout the book, you travel through the lives of four generations!

And, to be honest, the first generation and possibly the second were the only ones worth reading {in my humble opinion}. The book got uber weird about half way through.

Complete disappointment. And unnecessary inappropriateness.  The lengths people will go to write something racy enough to grab attention ... is quite disappointing. To say the least. 

Oh, and there is a lot of death throughout the book. A.lot.of.death.

As you can see, I am less thrilled by this book than any other I have had the chance to read through the book club, of which I am part.  My experiences through this book in and book out, make me wonder where conservative America has gone. For it is clearly not in novels.

I cannot think of a soul I know personally who would want to read the last half of the book. So, instead of suggesting this one, I will leave you two suggestions for books that I looooved. :)

Yearning for the Living God by Enzio Busche 

Lastly, this was a paid review by Blogher Book Club. However, the opinions expressed are {clearly} my own.

For further discussion and views on this book, go here.


Last Week's To-Do List


- Buy Jillian a birthday gift
- Birthday dinner for Jillian
- Pilates
- Put away clean laundry


- Put away clean laundry
- Go running


- Put away clean laundry 
- Wedding dress shopping in Provo


- Put away clean laundry
- Purchase cookies {and make them look homemade} for girls I visit teach
- Pick up tickets for basketball game
- Attend USU basketball game
- Bury St. Jude


- Put clean laundry away


- Put clean laundry away
- Wash more laundry
- Attend USU basketball game


- Steal toilet paper from my parents' house
- Offend people {JK ... this wasn't on my list. It just happened to happen}

I am not really one for a to-do list. I generally cannot be bothered actually writing it down. I just make a mental note of things that need to be done after work, opposed to an exhaustive list of all the things I will be doing that day.

Generally, I get those things on my mental list checked off.

But not last week ... I clearly struggled with one item in particular.

The one item that is the bane of my existence.

Can you guess what that is?

I am proud to say that it {eventually} was completed. But not before I had done two more loads of laundry that needed to be put away.

I consider this a success.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Week of Pink!

To celebrate the Holiday O' Love last week, I opted to wear pink every day for an entire week.

I would say I also celebrated by eating chocolate every day, but let's not kid ourselves, I eat chocolate every day. 

Anyway, back to Week of Pink.

It was fabulous.

And this is what it looked like.


Let's talk about day six. 

Day six was a sick day from work ... as I had slept about four hours in the last 48.

I didn't get dressed at all that day. Unless you count my adorable pink long johns clothes, which I don't. I consider them long johns. Obvi.

Now, let's talk about about day seven. My Aggies were playing the dirty scoundrels from New Mexico State. And I had to represent by wearing Aggie blue. So, the light pink under-tee had to suffice. But pink is pink. And I have no idea why I am pulling that face. I think I am trying not to laugh. Whatev.

I think next year, I will start celebrating seven days before Valentine's Day {as this time, I just went from the Sunday before to the Saturday following the holiday}. It definitely made me feel more festive. 

AND!! Additionally, I brainwashed asked my co-workers to wear pink to celebrate Valentine's Day. Aren't they just.so.adorable?

I may have bribed them with edibles. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do, no?

I don't think I will be so festive for St. Patrick's Day, just sayin'. :)

Hope you had a wonderful President's Day!!


Valentine's & Lost Causes

Valentine's Day was spent in a sea of pink {talking a handful of my co-workers and clients into wearing pink}, cheering on my Aggies, delivering cookies {only to three gals this year, opposed to the 141 girls that past two years} and ...

Taking the necessary steps to never spend this holiday "alone" again!

If you recall last year, while not Catholic, I still participated in a Roman Catholic folklore tradition of burying a saint to receive a miracle. Rumor has it that you bury a statue {upside down} of the saint of the miracle you are trying to receive {e.g.: Bury a St. Luke statue for health as he is the saint of health}.

I opted to bury a statue of St. Valentine's on Valentine's to receive a miracle of loooove {I even threw in a cute, pink, sparkly statue for good measure to keep St. Valentine company}.

But I must confess ...

The statue I buried wasn't technically a St. Valentine's statue. I may or may not have just went to the dollar store, found a figurine I thought would suffice, named it St. Valentine's and called it good.

Clearly, it wasn't good ... as 365 days have past and I still haven't received my miracle of looooove.

I thought this year, I would repent of my ways ... and go big or go home.

So, simply getting an official statue of St. Valentine wouldn't be good enough.

Instead, I got a statue of St. Jude ... the saint of LOST CAUSES {if me getting married isn't a lost cause, I don't know what is!}.

And I tromped through over a foot of snow.

Near the same location of fake and miracle-less St. Valentine {and the pink, sparkly figurine I had thrown in for good measure}. And began to dig through the snow.

And finally located some dirt.

Where I began digging some more.

The funny thing here is this ... I randomly chose a place to dig in the general vicinity of where I buried the first statues. The first time I went this location last time, there was no snow. This time, the landmarks for me to determine where the first statues were buried were covered by the snow.

Yet, even in my six-inch space of digging ... guess what I hit with the shovel??

The fake St. Valentine!!!! What are the odds?

I then placed the dirt back on him and started digging a hole a few inches away for St. Jude.

 And then placed him in the hole. Upside down, of course.

 Finally, I covered him with dirt and clean snow.

And voila, here is hopin' for a miracle, kids!!!

Some suggested I should have just gotten an official St. Valentine's Day statue this time around and try it again. But I figured, with Mr. St. Jude, we'd cover all bases.

If this doesn't work ?? Well, I might be trying a lot of religious traditions in the future!

P.S. This was my attempt to get the miracle through my own religion. It also failed. Obvi.


Love | Seek it

Today, I walked into a room at work. One of my clients {who has been diagnosed with Autism and is non-verbal} saw me and immediately let go of his staff's hand and came over to me to hold my hand.

He was heading out the door to go on a community outing. I began walking with him towards the door, even though I was not going with him. As we reached the door, I let his hand go and told him goodbye. I began to walk away and he turned around to watch me as he reached out for me. 

I kindly told him I was staying and told him to have fun, that I would see him when he got back.

Another staff member turned to me and said, "He loves you so much."

"And I love him," I thought to myself.

It was the perfect reminder that on this day of love, all forms of love should be celebrated

The truth is, I have never celebrated this holiday with a significant other. But I also have never felt the holiday has lacked. Because genuine love can be and should be sought and given, regardless of the source, the type or the day.

So, today, my friends, I hope you found that genuine love. And I hope you gave it. In whatever form it presented itself.

Happy Valentine's Day!

P.S. This package came today.

And I am pretty much expecting it to change my life. Return tomorrow to find out why!


Valentine's Day Eve Eve

On this beautiful day of Valentine's Day Eve Eve {that makes it two days before Valentine's, right?}, I have two little gems for you all.

This is a Valentine from one of my favorite clients. 
They actually come from blogs past, but are appropriate for this holiday.

If you have any further questions on dating and love, please feel free to leave a comment and I will answer them. I am all about people falling in love.

That's all.
♥ ♥ 


My mama's mama

15 years ago today, my mama lost her mama.

Betty Jean Hoth Arrington | My grandma up around Utah State. Aggie/Logan blood runs deep in our family. :)
I had just come home from basketball practice and my entire family was sitting in the living room where I was told we needed to talk.

I thought, "Man, what could I have done so bad that the entire family needs to talk to me about?"

It was then the news was broken to me gently that my grandma had left this life.

We buried her on Valentine's Day ... 15 years ago.  All the grandchildren were asked to leave her a Valentine, in her casket.

I will soon have lived longer without my grandma than I did with her. That is a hard pill to swallow.

There are so many things I loved about my mama's mama. One thing that I will always be grateful for is how she took care of my older sister and I ... while my mama was taking care of our brother - in the hospital.

While we were away from our mama, I remember she would always make me my favorite dinner - spaghetti - to make the unknown a little bit easier to bear ... bringing a little bit of our home to hers.

We always knew of her love as it was evident in everything she did and sacrificed for us.

Her hugs were second to none {as well as her homemade rolls}. :)

She was a wonderful mama. She was a wonderful grandma.

And she is missed. Every single day.

There are no words known to express my gratitude to this woman for the grandma she was and for the mama she helped my mama become. For both, I am eternally grateful.

Love that woman something fierce.

And for today ... that's all.


Week O' Love!

Pink + Chocolate 

= one of the best holidays ever!

I opted to begin my Valentine's Day celebration early. In fact, I am going to be celebrating it all week long.

 ... by wearing insane amounts of pink every day. 

I started Saturday evening with every bottle of pink nail polish I own.

 I was quite pleased with how they turned out. And I am certain they will fantastic with my Pepto-Bismol  attire for the next six days {I already started today}.

P.S. I found these cute nails which are super similar, yet different, if any of you are wanting to brighten up your Valentine's week. :)

I still have some other Valentine's Day tricks up my sleeve too ... as long as something arrives in the mail no later than Thursday. Wish me luck!

Hope you weekend was swell!


Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter visits my hometown every year.

And with quite a vengeance, if I do say so myself.

As we experience the frigidocity and intense accumulation of feet and feet of snow in the wintertime, weariness manifests to many who live here.

But  not me. 

I still love my home. And Old Man Winter.

How could I not? It is so beautiful!


So, as far as Old Man Winter is concerned, as long as he keeps up this beauty ...  I say he is more than welcome to visit Logan every year.

I wish I could take credit for any of these amazing depictions of Logan, but I cannot. I actually snagged them  from Instagram with the hashtags loganutah and cachevalley I hope that is okay??? If any of you know who did take these, I would be more than happy to give them credit.


DIY | Glitter Vial Necklace

2012 was a big year for me ... because I found out what the acronym DIY stood for.


And 2013 has been an even bigger year because I actually did something myself.

Well, okay. Jillian kinda did help. But, whatev. We aren't going to call it DIYBLJHAL {Do it yourself but let Jilly help a little}.

We saw some adorable glitter vial necklaces at a boutique in town. Immediately Jilly says, "We could make those."

I perceived that as, "YOU could make those" as I am not one to make much ... nothing really. 

And then a few days later she and Claire were talking about having  a ... dare I say it? A crafternoon.

I did the only thing I could do - ignore such crazy talk.

... Until Claire whipped out glitter.

And then I was sold.

All I had to do was dump pour a little glitter into a vial.

Pop the little cork and a hook in it.

Add a little super glue and a chain.

Annnnd ... voila! An adorable necklace!

It took less than seven minutes to accomplish. And that, my friends, is my kind of crafting! 

I have now blogged recipes, about my babies, a fashion post and now a DIY. I think I have officially made it into the blogging world, peeps. And I couldn't be more proud of myself. ;)

P.S. Valentine's Day is in seven days ... And I have big plans! Just.you.wait!

Shout out to Claire who took all of these photos!


Book Review : Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner


The Denbe family is picture perfect. A beautiful daughter, a mansion in an elite Boston neighborhood where streets are lined with trees. A perfect marriage. A perfect life.

At least that is what picture is painted to outsiders.

On the inside is a life full of lies and secrecy. No one is who they appear to be.

And that is what makes their abduction from their home even more complexional to authorities as they arrive in the home to find signs of not only a struggle, but confetti from a stun gun in the foyer.


1. Who knew stun guns shot out confetti? That's cool. Well, unless you are being stunned by a taser, I s'pose.

2. Strong language in the book. Very, very strong language. We know how I feel about strong language in books. Sigh. Is that kind of language actually used so frequently in the "real" world? But, for realz. Is it?

3. While reading this book, I felt like I was reading an awesome episode of Snapped. {Never seen Snapped? Maybe ya oughta.} My mind was racing to figure out whodunit. I went from person A, convinced they did it. Then to person B, C, D and back to A and B ... I loved not having the predictability there.

4. The location of where the family was abducted to - awesome. In fact, so many details of the book were so well thought outSpoiler: the location the family is taken to is actually a building that Mr. Denbe's construction company built. Tricky, tricky, Lisa Gardner. 

5. My absolute favorite part! One character talks about pain and how it has a flavor. She references back to this a handful of times in the book, including the very last lines:

Pain has a flavor.
But so does hope.

Definitely a good read ... if you can get past the strong words. :|

If you want more discussion on this book, go here.

Lastly, this was a paid review by Blogher Book Club. However, the opinions expressed are my own.

And happy readings to you, whatever it is you choose! :)

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2013/02/04/3833481/review-lisa-gardners-touch-go.html#storylink=cpy


To wedding photographers everywhere!!

We need to have a little chat. 

We need to chat about the groupings you put people in when taking photos at/after the wedding.

This seems to work out perfectly 100% of the time. Wife's family. Husband's family. Everyone. Wife's friends. Husband's friends. Etc. Bueno.

Except when it is not bueno.

It becomes not bueno when I, as a female, am attending the wedding because I am friends with the husband.

You ask for the husband's friends to get in for a photograph ... and it is slightly awkward when you are the only female in said photo.

One way, apparently, to resolve this is to ask all the husband's married men friend's wives to be in the photo {which, worked out pretty darn well, I think}.

It looks a little something like this:

Which, don't get me wrong, is fantastic {I think Adam's photographer did an A-MAY-ZING job!}.

But then that moment appears when I realize it looks like I am "with" the blonde dude sitting next to me.

P.S. His name is Chance. And one of my BFFs. And engaged when this photo was taken. And married a month later. To a gorgeous gal named Starlee. Notice, not Mindy.

Hence, I am not with Chance. 


Now, I am not saying I know what the answer is to the female friend attending male friend's wedding photograph dilemma is. You should just be happy I named it. And named it so simply. ;)

But I am confident in all of you wedding photographers. I am confident you can resolve this problem so it doesn't look like I am attached to men I am not attached to. 

I am actually pretty excited to see what you come up with.

P.S. What is up with my left arm??? I clearly did not know where to put it, as I wasn't about to put it around Chance. STARLEE'S Chance, that is.

It just looks dislocated. NBD.

LASTLY! It is not strange that I am as tall as the people to the left in the photograph when I am sitting and they are standing. NBD again.

Wow. Glad I got that all out.

And I am excited to see how this dilemma will be resolved by all wedding photographers in the world!

I will fill in the rest of ya when I attend the next wedding of a male friend.

That's all.


January | Instagram

January was a weird month.

I might have believed someone if they had told me we would have days on end in negative temperatures.

I would not have believed someone if they would have told me that our Aggies would lose two more starters for the rest of the season. And then lose four straight games {something that hasn't happened since 1993}.

Nor would I believe this hypothetical person if they would have said I would come home from work one day and make a life-changing decision.

Yet, I would believe if they had told me someone I am close to would make another poor decision {for the third straight January} that would be unkind and thoughtless. Sigh.

P.S. It must be said, that at least four of these photos belong to Clairence. It must be said because if I don't ... she will. In a comment. :)

I wasn't totally in love my January.

But that is okay.

I think it just means February will be better.

And I am super excited for some things going down in March.

But look at me get ahead of myself.

How was your January??

 photo 2012-01-12170241_zpse6cdf340.jpg
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