Where were you?

10 years ago I was ...

I was just ending my running career at Utah State from extensive injuries {stress fracture, Achilles tendinitis  plantar fasciitis, IT-band syndrome and shin splints all in one leg}.

I had just switched my major from Physical Education to English {but don't be fooled, it would be changed two more times before I graduated}.

I had just moved into Oakridge 15A, my first time moving out of my parents' house {I really didn't have a choice. One day they sold the house and they told me until they moved into their new house, I didn't have anywhere to live ... BUT! Because they are super cool, they decided to pay for my rent that year because they had unexpectedly kicked me out!}

I held weekly Chocolate Milk Nights at my apartment. 

I was serving in the Stake Relief Society Presidency as the second counselor after having been released as Relief Society President.

I was hired on to be an EFY counselor for the next summer! 

Five years ago I was ...

Beginning my employment at my current job as a behaviorist for people with intellectual disabilities after teaching seminary for two years.

My grandma passed away {three days after starting my new job}.

I was already involved in my campaigning for Mitt Romney for the 2008 election.

I lived in an apartment with two girls who were obsessed with John Deere. I was the last one to move in to an already decorated apartment. The kitchen was decked out in all-things John Deere. And the center focal point ... a sign that said, "She thinks my tractor is sexy." Oh.my.word. I have photos if requested.

I started this blog!

Taking out my very first loan ever {and only one to date} to purchase Wilson!! 

I met someone who would change my life forever. 

Two years ago I was ...

Still working at my current job. :)

Serving as Relief Society President for the third time. I kept thinking if I would finally get it right they would stop calling me. :) {I have been released for eight months and so far, so good! ;)}

I was introduced to witch doctor for the first time. Yay!

Pouting that my brother and sister-in-law were moving six whole hours away to St. George, Utah. But let's not fool ourselves ... when I drive, it's more like five. :)

I was spending the last days with that person who changed my life forever ... although, I didn't know they would be the last days I would ever spend with him. Never would have imagined it actually. 

Today I am ...

Still working as a behaviorist for people with intellectual disabilities - and I still adore it!

Getting ready to move into a new office at work! It is completely in a corner and isolated .... BUT! I got to decide what colors to pain the walls! Pink was approved ... but not my final decision. :)

Just made a BIG decision in my life - one I never saw myself making!

Less than five payments away from paying off the Wilson loan. This makes me feel successful. Haha. :)

Thrilled that one of my running buddies has moved back to Logan! 

Struggling to maintain hope a little more every day. But still fighting for it ... even if truly never does come. 

Still suffering from extremely dry skin on my hands from making cake balls for my co-workers a month ago! I had to wash my hands so many blimey times and they haven't looked the same since. :( I never have try hands so this is ... weird. And displeasing. 

Using a heating pad to stay warm ... I should really invest in a heated blanket. Or turn my living room into a hot tub.


P.S. Stole this idea from the adorable Chelsea
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Adam and Brooke said...

Love it. And to think that I have none you for 6 of those 10 years. :)

Shan said...

Hey, I met you the year you worked EFY! I'd love to hear about your big decision.

Missy W. said...

I covet your perfect curls.

Sierra said...

I love this idea! i may need to steal it!

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