Three years ago I moved into an adorable house. 

The only draw back of moving into the adorable little house was that it nearly doubled my commute to work.

And, it has been rough.

Leaving me looking at ... oh, a seven minute commute to work one way, every day!

But that is not all! Yesterday those seven minutes probably doubled {or tripled}.

Yet, I s'pose it could be worse. At least I didn't end up like these peeps.

Oops? I guess that's what freezing rain will do to ya.

Speaking of freezing rain, I wrote a Facebook status that said, "Freezing rain is awesome, said no one ever."

Roommate Claire said, "I think it's pretty cool." WHICH, if you noticed, isn't her saying it is awesome.

And another acquaintance said, "I actually did say it today. Sorry."

Now, if she wasn't such a sassafrass, I may have disregarded her comment entirely. Buuuut, because she is a sassafrass, I didn't. I thought, "Well, that is probably because you did not see or hear of the destruction it caused." Cars spinning out of control, losing control, ending up with their top sides down, being carried off in ambulances. Nor did she hear the heavy stream of medical personnel heading to the canyon yesterday morning.

That is SO awesome. Isn't it? :| 

Wow. Here I thought I was going to talk about my rough seven minute commute and ended up somewhere entirely different.



Here's hopin' for a more AWESOME day, which includes safer travels ... errr at least back to my treacherous seven minute commute. 


Amanda Schroeder said...

I saw that car pileup! SO NUTS. I saw like 18 accidents yesterday. No exaggeration, either. It was nuts. How's Logan town anyway? Freezing rain. Not awesome. I concur.

Claire said...


Shan said...

It was crazy!

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