Nephew One & YOU

We nearly lost him {and my sister} when he came into this world, two months premature. 

His traumatic birth has left him with things he will struggle with for all of his life.

But he is fighter.

And his parents are too.

They continue to be diligent in doing all the things they can to help their son be successful in this life, even though he continues to struggle managing his behavior and keeping up in school {just to name a few things}.

One of the things that could benefit him most at this time is helping him succeed in school is assisted technology {an iPad specifically and Special Education apps that have been proven to help children with disabilities to bridge the learning gap between them and children without learning disabilities}.

My nephew's parents have searched for grants and scholarships to help pay for the assisted technology, but none are available at this time. This leaves the financial burden on their backs, yet again. A burden that already includes medical bills for his doctors, medications, etc., which can extend into the tens of thousands of dollars annually.

My brother-in-law has opened up an account at Smart Pig {a program that helps people set goals and create a systematic savings plan to reach the goals}. One of the great things about Smart Pig is that it can be public, allowing others to contribute if they wish.

Obviously, this cause is near and dear to my heart. And because it is, I am opening myself up to say we could use your generosity.  If you feel as though this is something you could contribute to, we would appreciate more than we can adequately express.

You can donate by clicking on the link provide in the post or by clicking on the "FEED ME" button on the adorable piggy bank in the right-hand column of the blog.

If you have any questions or concerns, I would be more than happy to answer. 

And have a wonderful day. :)

And to the one who made me an aunt ...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I love you!         

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Shan said...

Will definitely keep this in mind when I do my budget!

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