Little Seester

Sometimes, ya just gotta let people know who is boss.

And, obviously, big seester is boss over little seester. 

May have restrained her to get her there. And boy, did it feel good!

But don't feel too badly for her. After all, she is smiling.

Photo courtesy of Nephew Two. Isn't he just a peach?

Anyone else wanna play "Who's the Boss?" with me? It certainly is a fun game.

Let me know if there are any takers. ;)

Happy Wednesday, people! Halfway to the weekend! 


Amanda Schroeder said...

You guys look like you have an AWESOME relationship. Haha. I love it!

amanda @ we and serendipity

Whitney said...

This looks like me and my younger sister :)


Shan said...

Hehe, that was me with all my younger siblings until they got bigger than me.

steve and jessica said...

Sisterly love...I have been there as the younger and as the older sister. I was looking back through your past few blog posts. I love your 30 days of black pictures. They are very cute!

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