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I resoluted to take more photos in December of the ins and outs of my daily life.

And I think I was quite successful.

Unfortunately, more than halfway through January, I am not doing so hot. I think I have taken approximately seven photos. 


I guess I can re-resolute, no?

December was a busy month.

Trip to Boise {which I have failed to blog about ... once I do, you will see why I have delayed so long}.

Roommate Christmas in Salt Lake City.

A second trip to Salt Lake City for New Years Eve.

Building an epic fort {a how-to is coming}.

Taking down Christmas.

Running. Lots. Love that.

Claire graduating.

Jilly graduating.


FRIGID temperatures.

Almost two full weeks off from work! 

Aggie basketball in full swing.

My first time going to a BAR.

And drinking hot chocolate like it is nobody's business. Actually, still doing that.

December was a good month. And it feels so long ago.

I better get going on my January Instagrams. 

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Claire said...

I took at least 7 of those photos. You're welcome.

Shan said...

I'm not cool enough to instagram but you rock!

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