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Tonight, as I ate my Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream, I couldn't help but notice the USU Men's Basketball team staring back at me. Via poster {as they rarely come into my kitchen}.

I also couldn't help but realize that the team watching me eat my ice cream wasn't quite representative of what the team looked like this weekend.

So, naturally, I took liberties to update the poster a bit to make it more consistent with what our team currently looks like.

The front three are starters. 

One word: OUCH.

Two of which were injured in their Thursday game. 

And unable to play Saturday due to said injuries.

Tomorrow we find out the extent of their injuries. 

And "almost died" kid. He really did. Almost die, that is. Actually, he technically wasn't breathing nor did he have a heart beat, so ... he did die.

Here's hoping to quick recoveries to all of them from Aggie Nation! And don't worry, I will keep all of you {and whomever comes into my kitchen} updated on their health statuses via poster and pink X's. :)

{And the other with X's? I don't know what you are talking about ...}

 photo 2012-01-12170241_zpse6cdf340.jpg

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Shan said...

I wish your Aggies the best of luck.

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