Black Magic

It's been an interesting little bit.

Change that is good, yet bad.

Some people being careless with others' feelings and emotions.

Others listening but not feeling.

It's frustrating. Just in case you couldn't guess.

But you want to know what makes it better?


Yup. Voodoo.

It's paper voodoo. And you can actually draw in curse pins or blessing pins.

Thoughtful, right?

After you do your "pinning", to make the curse/blessing actually works, you have to BURN the paper voodoo.


So, far ... we haven't seen any results.

But it was worth a try. ;)

And it, surprisingly, made me feel a teeny-bit better.

Not a lot bit. But a teeny bit. 

Which is better than no bit.

P.S. It is -13* outside. 

I am not sure I am going to leave my house any time this week because of it.

AND!!! Rumor has it, Lance Armstrong is comin' clean with Oprah this week. 

Looks like a most shocking moment for 2013 in the making, no???

That's all. :)


Missy W. said...

did you blur that voodoo paper? ;)

Shan said...

Oooh, I need to find me some of that.

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