101 Most Shocking Moments of 2012

I know we go over this annually ...


A. For anonymity purposes I sometimes refer to a person simply as he or she. Thus, not all the he's or she's are the same person. As well as, some things are very, very vague. Live with it. ;) But to make up for it, you will earn 10 gold stars for each one you read. {I know I have been a loser with gold stars this past year, I will be better with that. Promise.}

B. Also, 10 gold stars for each time you make the list or something on the list relates directly to you. Feel free to argue your case on how an item relates to you in the comment section provided below. :)

C. I tried to put each moment in its proper order, with the absolute most shocking moment as number one and so on ... But it gets really complicated ... and boring. So, top 10 are actually in exact order. The top 30 are in the general area of exactness. And 31-101 ... they are just on there somewhere. :)

D. I had a really difficult time not putting exclamation points at the end of all of these. :) Shocking moments deserve exclamation points, however, over-used exclamation points defeat the purpose of an exclamation point in the first place. :)

And now, without further adieu ...

Mindy's 101 Most Shocking Moments of 2012!

101. I like snow cones????

100. Karen on The Office is the daughter of Quincy Jones ... which makes her partial African American!

99. ANTS in my treat drawer at work. :( Worst.day.ever.

98. Hurricane Sandy - I only heard about it the day before and had no idea it was going to be so tragic

97. I actually went out on a date with Scott's brother.

96. We didn't win the CIT championship. :(

95. Spencer came back!

94. Charles was able to, on the spot, come up with 17 things that bother me.

93. Claire wanted to come home from NJ.

92. Claire came home from NJ early.

91. He is dating someone. Seriously.

90. The trash on NYC streets after the fireworks.

89. How many flippin' people I offend on Facebook! Haha! {Currently doing better with this - I think!}

87. One day ... Sacrament meeting started on time!!!

86. Fourth of July playlist on the Ferry. 

85. Survived NYC heat and humidity without AC

84. Jill got an AC unit.

83.  Anderson Cooper is gay {I just didn't see it}.

82. Nate Burkus is gay? My gaydar clearly has problems. Actually, I think I just don't think about anyone's sexual orientation that much. 

81. She was mad about the happy surprise. Who gets upset about happy surprises?

80. Michael Phelps did not medal in his first Olympic race.

79. The stupid gymnastics rule {only two qualifiers per team}.

78. Danell Levya went from 17th to 3rd in the final two events in the individual competition in gymnastics.

77. How much she adores him.

76. How many times the Jamaicans ruined my life.

75. She was able to pay me the 100 dollars in cash.

74. L. was semi-impatient with me for the first time ever


72. That one dude ran his leg of the 4x400 with a broken leg!

71. My boss played an epic prank - and actually got away with it!

70.  I attended a home evening in the 46th ward.

69. I planned the home evening activity. Haha.

68. I ordered a beverage at a restaurant {peach/raspberry lemonade}.

67. I got a Twitter account {just to follow Bernard Lagat}.

66. How UGLY the big toenail falling off was.

65. I couldn't make it pretty. :(

64. She kissed JP. Bahaha!

63. Jared Leto looks like a member of the Taliban these days.

62. Danny DeVito and Rhea Pearlman are getting divorced.

61. There were no Americans in the 400 meters in the Olympics.

60. Tyson Gay didn't medal in the 100 meters. :(

59. The two naughty scenes in Les Mis.

58. That others didn't seem as offended by these scenes as I did.

57. I attack people virally ... on this blog. Are you as surprised as I am?

56.  Everything that was found out about what she continued to say.

55. Her pride.

54. Her lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

53. Things actually worked out how I wanted them to. That, like, never happens.

52. The American people do not care to know the truth about Lybia {this should be waaay higher, but I don't want to re-number everything}.

50. He cut off their heads with a hatchet first

49. Her continual lies.

48.  One of the most dishonest and ingenuine people I know finds honesty ... refreshing. 

47. Loss to BYU in football.


45. A stake-wide blind date, where the girls had to SIGN UP to go seemed like a good idea to people ??

44. Adam and Chance got married one month apart from each other.

43. The Australia invitation.

42. The 30 Days of Stripes didn't deter me from wanting to purchase stripes nor wear stripes

41. How some people can graduate college with such poor grammatical skills. 


39. How quickly Adam knew Katie was the one. I doubted. It was the way he said it would always happen. :)

38.  Her anger towards Mitt Romney. 

37. LF is 25 !!!!!!!!

36. She wasn't real.

35.  Someone swallowed a block. It was located in a bowel movement. Don't ask.

34. I went to a bar ... ish

33. Adam Thoseby's anger! Holy moly!

32. The things that kept disappearing - the shoe, my scrubs, the blue and plaid pajama bottoms - where have these things gone??

31. I found the shoe!!!

30. Witch doctor saved my toenail! Is there anything she can't do???

29. My mama got a Pinterest account. And I set it up for her. I don't even have one {which isn't shocking because I lack in the skills of domesticity}.

28. In the 20 + years I have been running, I actually got injured WHILE running for the first time ever.

27. I actually loved The Avengers.

26. I actually really loved The Dark Knight Rises.

25.  Jill ordered just water as a beverage at a restaurant.

24. Melissa ordered just water as a beverage at a restaurant.

23. WE FINALLY got into the Mountain West!

22. I believed Gary Anderson when he said he was going to stay. How did I not know better? How did I not realize Stew Morrill is a rare mold

21. Aaron ate fast food. WHAT?

20. My boss wore colored-skinnies to work!!

19. Tearing my ligaments in my ankle on that day in September was a pre-existing condition, so says my insurance company.

18. Style came to the airport at MIDNIGHT to welcome the Aggies home from Louisiana after winning the WAC Championship!

16. Bernard Lagat did not get the gold medal in the 5,000 meter run in the Olympics.

15. He didn't get silver.

14. He didn't get bronze.

12. Danny Berger, starting player for USU basketball, dropped during practice. He stopped breathing and his heart stopped beating. Athletic Trainer, Mike Williams, brought him back to life!

11. Danny Berger was released to play basketball again!

10. Brady Jardine's basketball career unexpectedly halted due to a sprain in his foot. He will never be able to play basketball again!

9. While Danny Berger was able to play after dying on the court {with no known medical reason for it to have happened}, he was able to play again yet Brady Jardine's career was obliterated by a sprain!

8.  USU football = WAC Champions! We have been so bad for so long that I have never even thought about being conference champions in football - I had forgotten it even existed!

7. Her manipulation. And how successful she was with it. 

6. Gary Anderson left Utah State after promising not to.

5. Obama got re-elected? AMERICANS! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???

4. Mitt Romney did not win {Separately shocking than Obama winning, there is a difference}. :)

3. The dream ... that came true.

2. She was able to forgive him.

1. I am 31-year-old and still not married. I never would have imagined this in my long-legged life. It just gets more shocking every year. Haha. Really. :)


Before January 1, 2013 even ended, I already had two items on my 2013 list! It is going to be an exciting year, people!!

And if you are feeling nostalgic: 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.


Mallory said...

You are very entertaining to read about! Hope your 2013 goes wonderfully unexpected!

marilynl said...

My 2 cents:
#62 - I had no idea!
#59 - I was as offended as you. Maybe more so.
#22 - I believed him too.

Shan said...

Oh. I am all over these gold stars!!
Here's where I feel I fit, even though none of these really have anything to do with me, I'm giving it a shot anyway.

#98 - Ditto
#89 - I've done it too but I've never actually been offended by you.
#87 - I had sacrament meeting start on time at least once too
#80 - That was sooo sad
#79 - It was totally stupid!
#77 - I do, I really do
#76 - Darn them, hated watching those races
#68 - I order beverages at restaurants occasionally too!
#67 - I actually accessed mine for the first time since signing up (does that count?)
#64 - I saw someone kiss a JP
#59 - Wowsers huh?
#58 - I think we were all in shock
#54 - My bros girlfriend, man alive
#52 - I'd like to know
#51 - Terribly horrible
#50 - Even worse
#42 - I read about your 30 days of stripes
#27 - Me too!
#26 - Me too!
#25 & #26 - I do that all the time!
#17 - Oh my goodness, it was hideous
#5 - Agreed!
#4 - I was totally bummed

Meg said...

I was rather shocked also by some of Les Mis. Although I'm not so sure why I was shocked because I knew the story beforehand. I guess I just didn't expect them to be so graphic...

I also was a little surprised that so few people seemed upset/offended by those scenes.

Missy W. said...

#58 - I watched an entire family get up and leave. Prudes :)

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