Oh, man.

Now that Lance Armstrong has been accused of doping, I am seriously beginning to doubt his story about walking on the moon.



I am about to give you too much information.

Yup, that is right.

The Queen of Vague is ... going to go overboard here.

And I only feel slightly bad about it.

There are some things I loathe doing. 

Things like going to the post office, the bank, the dentist, the doctor and the pharmacy. Just to name a few.

But there is something worse, believe it or not.

My disdain is so strong for this that I don't even think a word has been invented to describe it.

What is it?

It is shopping for ... underclothing. And I think you know what I mean.

I dislike shopping for said items so much that I am slightly embarrassed to tell you the last time I purchased one. And by slightly, I mean so much so that I won't even tell you.

I pretty much had a melt down in the department store.

I put on a depression robe {thank you, Abilify} and sat in the only logical place to sit when overwhelmed with shopping for said underclothing.


It got so ugly that I didn't even have band-aides on to cover the toenail-less nails. You didn't think I could sink so low, did ya?

Shopping for underclothing with only 70% of my toenails ... and no adorable band-aides to hide their ugliness to the outside world.

P.s. I really, really want to go to bed right now. But Jillian says she is going to "intervention the crap" out of that idea. 

We'll see who wins that battle.

I will let you know tomorrow ... while wearing new underclothing.


Summertime Adventures : The Lake 1.0

Errr, the dam.

Because it is closer.

But we are still going to call it the lake. Because that sounds fancier. And cleaner.

I actually had a realization today, while home sick from work.

And by sick, I mean I am sleeping like a ... hmm ... what doesn't sleep? An owl?

But that is besides the point. Let's get back to my realization.

Summer is almost over.

Which means, I better get all of my summertime adventures posted.

So, today, today we are going to talk about the lake.

Errr ... the dam.

Because it is closer.

But we are still going to call it the lake. Because that sounds fancier. And cleaner.

We actually have a handful of dams nearby in Logan. They are wonderful for boating, skiing and sometimes just floating.

We actually have made out way to the "fake lakes" a handful of time this summer. But this time in particular, while at the lake I brought a grilled cheese sandwich, because I thought it sounded delish.

Apparently, this stray dog thought it sounded delish too.

At first, I liked him. And because I liked him, I named him Baazal. 

But then I got a little terrified of him because he appeared to want to eat my grilled cheese - and my head. He was pretty intense, although with Claire he looks super nice and friendly. But that is because Claire didn't have a grilled cheese.

I then felt unhappy that I gave such a great name as Baazal to such a beast. I then started calling him Satan Baazal, as not to confuse him with any other animal I name Baazal in the future.

And here you thought this was going to be about the lake. 

And it is.

Jilly came too. 

It was a pretty chill time at the lake. Not as in temperatures, but as in relaxing.

We decided to just float. 

We do that a lot. And enjoy it when temperatures sky rocket. In fact, we have a date with the dam ... errr the lake ... on Saturday too.

This time we might rent a canoe. 

Only so many more days left until Jilly and Claire go back to school and I ... well, I  ... do the exact same stuff I have always done. :)

Well, I am off to collect more hours of sleep. Wish me luck, I am gonna need it!


Summertime Adventures : Pool Party

Truth: I have never seen Jaws

Well, I don't think I have ever have seen it. Maybe clips here and there, with legs being chomped off, ya know, here and there.

We decided it was time to see it. 

While watching it ... in a pool.

Annnd, we had adorable things to munch on, courtesy of Claire


Truth: I was a little bored by the movie. Well, minus the parts where people were being eaten alive, naturally. And I think there were only four "snack" time for Jaws, if you get my drift.

The rest? Blah, blah, blah, kill the beast ... errr, the shark. 

As if there was only one shark in the entire world.

It reminds me of how when I was little I was familiar with the serial killer, Ted Bundy. He had killed a family friend's granddaughter. I remember the day he was put to his demise, when I was a wee-lass, and I thought, "Good, the boogie man is gone - forever!"

Yup. As if there was only one

I hate to tell it to you world, there is more than one shark and there is more than one boogie man.

Man, I hate being the bearer of bad news.

Speaking of bad news ... another toenail fell off. 

But, back to Jaws. I only had to look back in the pool once to make sure he wasn't in it with me. The rest of the time I felt totally confident that the waters were shark-free. And, from what I could tell, they were.

One of my favorite parts about the entire evening is when other people would join us at the pool, only to see us watching a horrific show about limbs being eaten off while in water. Needlessly to say, none of the other pool visitors stayed long.

We had a marvelous time. Next movie adventure? I think we will watch Signs in a cornfield. :)


I keel things ...

Keel  is a more fun way to say "kill". 

I have always been one to keel bugs, especially when they are tromping around in my home.

I am not sure I have always liked being the one having to keel all the bugs, but living in apartments and now a house full of girls, there are no men to keel all the bugs. So, I have manned-up and done the keeling on my own.

However, if I ever get married, I am going to make my husbands keel all the bugs, just because I can

Until then, I will keel all the bugs.

Unless, I know that one of my male BFFs is next-door.

At which point, I will take advantage of the situation, call him and have him come and keel all the bugs.

He may have arrived with me squishing the bug in the cupboard {so it didn't get to our dishes!}.

But because JaredHonda doesn't like to keel bugs either, he brought reinforcement. 

And together, they collected all the bugs I had apparently already keeled by squishing it in the cupboard.

And in this situation, by "keel all the bugs" I mean just the one. And, turns out it wasn't really a "bug" at all. It was a spider. 

And, yes, I am in my swimsuit and a towel. I had just arrived home from the spontaneous summertime adventure when Claire had encountered the intruder {AKA the spider}.

Generally, I tried to be fully clothed when inviting men/all guests over.

But drastic times call for drastic measures, which, clearly, in this case means a non-fully clothed Mindy.

While JaredHonda was just visiting next door this day, he actually recently moved in. Little does he know he will be getting a lot more phone calls to keel all the bugs.

And he will love every minute of it I am sure.

As will we.

The end.


One day ...

You are living life happily ... with all of your appendages.

And then one day, you lose one.

I mean, it might be considered a minor one, but an appendage nonetheless.

Well, I suppose that depends on your definition of appendage.

But that is beside the point.

So, there you are, happily living your life with 90% of the said appendages you normally had.

And then less than 18 hours later, you lose another one.


And then you are living your life, a little less happily than before with only 80% of said appendages. 

Oh, did I mention this post was going to show horrific photos of my feet?

Because it does.

But that is beside the point.

What is the point?

I am not quite sure.

Except for, when you lose 20% of your toenails in freak accidents less than 18 hours apart, it makes the experiences a lot more enjoyable when you find cute band-aides.

And may I suggest animal prints?

It's kinda like getting a lolly-pop at the doctor's office after you get shots. Hello, horrific life-event, but try to shmooze it over with something pleasant.  I would prefer to not have my toenails torn from my flesh, but, hey, if it is going to happen, at least I have something else pretty to look at while the ugliness ensues underneath.

So far, nothing has fallen off my body today. Thankfully. But I cannot help but wonder, who knows what I will lose next?

I am hoping for a single strange of hair or something insignificant like that.

Hopefully your week has been more put together than mine! Happy weekend!!! :)


This is not a history lesson.

In 1972 the summer Olympic Games were held in Munich, Germany.

I am slightly obsessed with these games because one of my favorite runners of all time ran in them. His name was Steve Prefontaine, but most people just called him Pre.

Pre made distance running cool. And not just cool for collegiate runners or Olympian runners. The truth is this, if you have ever took a step outside your door and gone for a little jog down the street, you really have Pre to thank for that. For realz.

Prefontaine was a decorated American distance runner. At one point, he held every American record from the 2,000 meters to the 10,000 meters - a feat that has never been matched to this day.

In 1972 he was favored to win the gold medal in the 5,000 meters. But due to a strategic race that favored distance runners with a kick, Prefontaine was outraced to the finish line.

He didn't finish in second.

Nor third.

But fourth. 

Completely heartbroken about his seeming failure he returned to the United States. His friends and family tried to tell him that he still did awesome, fourth in the entire world! 

Prefontaine, well known for his sass, responded, "Yeah, I did so well that they should name a street after me. They can call it fourth street."

Witty, no?

So, why am I bringing this up 40 years later?

Well, my favorite runner of all-time, Bernard Lagat raced his little heart out in the 5,000 meters last Sunday for the gold medal in London. Even though he gave it his all, he crossed the line ... in fourth.

While this truly is an amazing feat, I couldn't help but think of Prefontaine's words from four decades ago.

And as the fourth-place stung in my heart {almost as much as it did in theirs}, I decided I would honor both of their legacies.

By drowning out my sorrows {and theirs} in a pint of ice cream.

On fourth street.

It helped my little heart just a teeny-bit to handle the realization that considering he will be 41-years-old at Rio de Janeirno in 2016 ...  I will never see my little Bernard win an Olympic gold. Sigh

I hate superlatives.

I suppose while I am disheartened since the Olympics are over, the rest of y'all may be excited. Because this means I will probably be able to update this abandoned blog more.

I mean, having the Olympics end is like a bad break-up. I am kinda left wondering what to do to fill all of my new-found free time.

It's tough, people. Real tough.

Also, it must be said, the closing ceremonies were like a bad acid trip! Said the girl who never has been on an acid trip, but now will forsurely avoid one at all costs, thank you London. 

What are YOU doing with all your new found free time???


Oscar Pistorious

First double-amputee athlete to compete in the Olympics.
Proving that you don't have to win, or even medal, to inspire.

Photo Credit
And teaching, "Being disabled doesn't mean you have to be at a disadvantage."


You can thank the Korean and Japanese volleyball teams for this post today.

I am utterly bored by their game today, which is resulting in some much need downtime from Olympic viewing. Don't get me wrong, it is still on in the background, but I am able to more fully multi-task with boring events. :)

More frequent postings will occur after Sunday. When the Olympics are over. Clearly. 

P.s. Bernard Lagat is running in the 5,000m finals today!! I have been waiting for this moment for, well, four years! 


Conviction : Compassion

"Our culture has accepted two great lies. The first one is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle you must fear or hate them. The second is to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate."
Rick Warren


Work. Olympics. Sleep.


Times 3,948,293,482,398,492,384.

Actually, that's is a slight exaggeration.

After all, the adorable Emilee got me out of my house for a Church activity the other night. 

It went down a little like this ...

Emilee: Are you coming to the ice blocking activity?

Mindy: Uhm ... Thursday?

Emilee: No, tonight!

Mindy: Doh. Will my bum get wet?

Emilee: Not if you bring a towel to sit on.

Mindy: Fine. As long as I can get a gold medal somehow, have it placed around my neck with the National Anthem playing. Does that work for you?

Emilee: Uhm, sure? Haha.

So, with an ice block in hand ...

I hiked up Old Main.

Threw my ice block to the ground!

And away I wennnnnnnnnnnnnnnt!

Passing those who might have wanted my gold medal.

And continued to ride off into the sunset.

Where, at the completion of my routine, I stuck my landing. 

Which, needlessly to say, was good enough to get my gold medal.

But, really, who else was going to get it when from the get-go it was referred to as mine?

P.s. I wore my Air Force shirt because the Air Force is part of the United States military and I felt it was the most USAish thing I own.

And it is grey, just like the uniforms the United States athletes wear on the medal podium.

Am I good or am I good?

Now I am off to eat some cookies while hopefully watching the Olympics. I say hopefully because channel five is currently not working. What does that mean? No NBC. What does that mean? NO OLYMPICS.

If this doesn't get fixed soon or a home extended to me that can actually view the Olympics, my existence might be touch and go. Just sayin'.
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