NYC Day One Teaser : Marilyn Moment

That moment when you are on the top of the Empire State Building in a skirt and the wind picks up.

It was a little Marilyn Monroe-esque ... which pretty much makes me a celebrity.

Just sayin'.

Day one is over and we.are.beat.


Oh, Lady Liberty ...

It's been about three years, but I am comin' back.

I will see you TONIGHT.
And thanks for saving me a seat for the fireworks show on the fourth. I got a feelin' it is going to be epic.

Peace out, Utah. And, try to stop burning, will ya?


Book Review : What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

Every now and again I get asked to review a book on my blog. 

Today, I opted to do that.

Welll, let's not fool ourselves. I opted to do it almost two months ago, but today is the day it is to be posted.


Alice is a 29-nine-year-old wife and mother-to-be. Her relationship with her husband Nick is picture perfect and she couldn't be more thrilled about the babe on the way. 

The only problem is, she is actually 39-years-old and because of a hard knock on the head, she has no memory of the past 10 years of her life! Her world continues to be rocked when she finds out she is divorcing her husband. In her reverted 29-year-old mind she cannot fathom anything tearing them apart and is devastated that the man she loves fiercely wants nothing to do with her! 

I absolutely loved the story line. I wanted to know what happened to dissolve her marriage with Nick. I wanted to know why her relationship with her sister seemed so strained. I found myself anticipating the gap of the 10 years being filled. 

However, it should be noted that, at least for me, it felt like it took eons to get there. I found the beginning of the book rather slow and the entire book a little too long. At almost a beastly 500 pages long, I felt like the same story could be told in less than 300. 

Also, be aware: the book is written from Alice's point of view most of the time. However, there are sections throughout the entire book written by two different charactersThe first-person dialogue is beneficial to give you a better understanding of those two characters, but it jumped out at me the first couple of times as disrupting the fluidity of the novel. Buuut, I got over it. Eventually. :)

Another aspect of the book that I love was how one could use Alice's experience to reflect on their own lives. I thought about where I was 10-years-ago. I thought of all the major and not-so major things that have happened along my last 10 years and I wondered what it would be like to have lost them.

10 years ago: I wasn't obsessed with pink nor USU basketball. Shocking, right? I didn't even know what a behaviorist was, let alone how to do behavioristy things. My youngest nephew was three weeks old. 

If every memory from the last 10 years were erased, there would be hundreds of people I wouldn't remember. The idea of not knowing some of them or remembering them, is mind blowing! It is also scary to think they could be lost from my memories and heart. 

It was such a fascinating concept to explore! 

Lastly, I do feel I would be amiss if I didn't make it clear that there is some very strong language in the book. It is only used three or four times, but that is far more than my liking. In fact, I stewed over whether or not to finish the book because of it. I am always disappointed when offensive language is used. It always feels like it is done for shock value and the same point could be expressed in a handful of other ways, if only the writer would have taken the initiative to find it. 

Included in the offensive language is the R word. I realize that it will take some time for the entire planet to be educated on this word and why it should not be used, but I guess I am a little impatient. :) 

All in all, I adored the story line, it kept my interest extremely well {considering the beastly near-500 pages}, there were some unexpected twists. 

And if anyone does choose to read this, I had two favorite lines. One is the last sentence on page 275. The second is sentence on page 446, second paragraph from the bottom ... particularly the last two lines with the ellipses. :)

Click here if you would like to read more about this book and/or participate in a group discussion about it!


It should be noted that while I was compensated for this review, the opinions expressed are mine and how I really felt about the book. :)

As part of the compensation, I have been asked to post this review on FB/Twitter three times over the next week. If you are my FB friend, please forgive me in advance for the bombarding that will occur. ;)

Today, I am talking swimsuits here. It is a little redundant to a post I have written, buuuut, sometimes when you are asked to be a guest blogger and you don't have a husband or children to talk about, you are left with talking about swimsuits. Again. :)


Land of the free!

I thought there was no better way to start off the fourth of July season than have my voice be heard today. 

Our government is far from perfect. But my voice does get to be heard.

And so does yours.

And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing.

God bless America. :)


Thug Life

This was me before my blog was reported to the police department. 

I can now see that my life was spinning in a downward spiral to no where but out.of.control.

It is a GOOD THING that was stopped before things got out of hand, wouldn't ya say?

P.s. Homegirl, Claire needs to work on her gangsta-ness, no? She kinda just looks bored. :)

And yes, my gangsta sign is actually sign language for, "I love you."

Clearly I need to work on my gangsta-ness too. :)

Errr. Strike that. Had I continued down that path, I would've needed to become more skilled. But that is clearly not applicable for the person I have aimed to become in the past week. Phew. Glad we cleared that up before I got another phone call from the police department!!! ;)


Summertime Adventures : Snow Cones

For my entire life, I have hated snow cones.

Yup, I just said it. And I meant it, but I didn't steal my mama's credit.

However, I had to put my loathingness aside when Claire said that eating snow cones were part of her "Cram EVERY summer activity into one month!" plan.

We stopped at the Sno Shack.

I hesitantly ordered Red Raspberry.

And Claire suggested I get ice cream in the bottom.

And guess what!?


How have I lived my entire life not knowing this?! Why didn't YOU tell me I loved snow cones? Seriously!?

Nom, nom, nom! Eat.all.the.snow.cones.

I loved them so much that we went back the following day!

And the next. And the next!


Obsessed much?

For $1.75, you betcha.



adjective - most desirable; ideal

While I sat on 100 East between Center Street and 100 North eating funnel cake number one, an older couple walked onto the sidewalk and in each others' arms looked off into the distance together.

I didn't know who they were, what they were looking at nor what their story was.

All I did know was this: I long to have that moment one day.

They are living my dream. A dream that sometimes tries to fade into disillusion of ever being a reality.

But for this moment on this night, I remembered my dream. And my heart hoped for it. And I allowed it to.


Summertime Adventures : Summerfest

 Every June in lil' Logan, Utah we have a little summer fair known as the Summerfest.

At Summerfest you can expect some artsy stuff, interesting live music and always, always fantastic food. 

The roomies and I headed over last week. 

The place is always PACKED and you are always bound to see at least one-kjillion people you know.

To add to the excitement I told the roomies that we would be playing a little game. For each person that knows you who says hello, you have one strike against you. The person with the least strikes by the end of the evening, wins. :)

While I love, love to see my friends out and about, it was super fun to try and avoid everyone I knew for just one evening. It involved us hiding behind booths and any other tactic necessary to avoid said strikes.

I was doing awesome.

Until I hit the food section.

"Hi, Mindy!" here and, "Mindy!" there. Here a Mindy, there a Mindy. Everywhere a Mindy, Mindy. Well, actually not. I was the only Mindy I was aware of, but apparently not only do I like food, my friends like food too!

At the Navajo Taco stand we actually were able to keep track of our strikes. 


I actually informed one friend of our game after she said hello. She then made sure to find more of our friends and tell them to come say hi. :)

Because the food area destroyed me, I came up with a new rule. If you "tagged" a complete stranger you could lose a strike.

Six strangers later, I was back to zero.


Besides the fabulous food, I was tempted to buy some adorable skull earrings. Yes, I just used adorable and skull in the same sentence - intentionally. Buuut, I opted against it. 

So, with a full belly and no strikes, we headed out.

But don't worry, I returned two nights later {the final night} to get another funnel cake. :)

 Happy Monday! 


Today is my big brother's birthday. :) Love him lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and then some. I am who I am today largely in part because of the role he has played in my life. :) Everything I do that is illegal, I learned from him. ;)


Summertime Adventures : Amusement Park

It's no Disneyland or Six Flags. 

But it gets the job done, at least here in Utah.

It is also all fun and games ...



 until you get sunburned fried during the day only to have the temperatures slope to an astounding 36* by night.

And your neck and back get angry because you are shivering so much.

Your favorite pink hoodie you have had for over six years acquire a hole.

And your dinner wants to come up to re-greet you.

All resulting in, when getting in the car to go home, you have to hold your head between your legs and close your eyes so you do not see any lights or movement for the next two hours.

Here's to next year {at the earliest!}, Lagoon. :)


P.s. Today I got paid to go on a bike ride with 300 people and then later to swim. And I ate two donuts. Nom, nom, nom.

Lastly, the "illegal" activity had to be removed from my blog or I faced criminal charges.

What was the illegal activity? It rhymes with banholes, and starts with a M. It also rhymes with funnels and starts with a T. :)

I am also encouraged to inform you that doing such things is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS {and illegal, apparently}. So, don't do it. 


Worshiping Criminal ...

is what I am. 


I want to give a huge shout out to the individual who extended my readership to the president of Utah State University and to the the police department! Thank you! That was so kind!

After the friendly officer called, I headed off to do some service. At the Logan Utah LDS Temple.

I know, such a heathen, right?

Criminal one evening, Church service the next.

Such a difficult life I life.

And to that individual: thanks again! I am so glad you are so concerned about my extracurricular activities. :) It's so nice to know you care. And profoundly, apparently. 

Happy Wednesday, people {regardless if you are a fellow criminal or not!}.


Please ...

pray for this adorable woman and her family. 

Her name is Cali.

About four years ago she gave birth to her fist baby, stillborn.

She was able to have her second babe, a little girl about 1.5 years later {Oakland, pictured above}.

Now, pregnant with her third baby she almost lost her life and to save it, they are taking the third baby. The third baby is not viable. If she even survives, she will have lost her second babe in just four years.

Please, please pray for her and her adorable family.

You can read more details here.


Stripes and stripes and stripes and stripes and stripes ...

Well, I did it!

I finally completed my 30 day challenge of wearing stripes!


It kinda felt more like 30 k-jillion days of stripes.

I actually didn't get tired of the stripes, I got tired of "thinking" about what I was going to wear. In fact, day 19, I almost blew the entire challenge!

I forgot to put on any stripes ... until 9:00 PM. I threw on a striped hoodie and a couple hours later, went to bed in it and called it good for that day.

Also, day eight, I wasn't feeling well and wasn't able to make it into work. I stayed in my pajamas. Striped pajamas, but you will just see the print instead of my royal sick glory in said pajamas.

Now, before you think I am totally crasy, I did have to repeat a couple shirts. I wore three {?} shirts twice throughout the entire month {although when you see my attire, it looks like I wore one shirt 15 times ... but they are different, I promise! Maybe by just mere shades, but different, mm-k?}. :)

 My co-workers caught onto the stripes around day six or so.

One day, I wore a light blue shirt with thin white stripes and it panicked a couple of them, they thought I had forgotten.

And on day 30, several co-workers greeted me with, "Final day! Final day!" 

Aren't they supportive? I clearly have trained them well in providing verbal praise when supporting others with behavior modification, no? ;)

Lastly, I did not wear every striped thing I own. I probably have five to 10 more striped items that for whatever reason, I never chose to wear.

Again, the thing I am probably most excited about is not having to think about what to wear in the mornings. But I don't feel  totally sick of stripes. 

Claire said that if this doesn't work, I will have to go from wearing stripes every day for 30 days to wearing something stripes at all times of 30 days straight. 

THAT, I don't want to do.

Let's hope satiation works! 


Summertime Adventures : Lost on a Mountain

As previously mentioned, roommate Claire is going to be a camp counselor in New Jersey this summer.

This is noteworthy because she is trying to fit on all of her normal summer festivities before she goes.

Such as ... going on hikes {plus a slew of other things}.

I like hikes.

I just don't like sweating on hikes.

But that is besides the point.

We decided to do a well-known trail in these parts, Crimson Trail.

The only problem was the entrance the only two of us who had ever hiked this trail had used was closed due to a bridge closure being out. And when I say out, I mean it isn't even there anymore. So we had to start from the backside. 

But that was okay, right?

We got a small tidbit of advice from the little park ranger lady. And I must say, I was surprised when she opened her RV door in her fabric thrown on/Moo Moo/house coat. The only direction she gave us was, "The bridge is out on this end too, so you will need to cross some logs over the river."

Uhm. Okay.

The hike was gorgeous. Buuut, what else would you expect in the beautiful Logan, Utah?

The hike was actually quite steep. And I began to sweat. Worst.day.ever. No?

But onward we went, staying left.

About two hours into the hike we a. Thought to ourselves, "I don't remember Crimson Trail being this long." and b. We reached the top of said mountain. 

And then ... we continued onward left. 

And about 15 minutes later, when the trail looped an entirely different direction than we knew it should go, seeing fresh cougar/mountain lion/beast of some kind foot prints and our gut instincts screaming at us to turn around, we did.

We aren't sure where we went wrong.

But we definitely went somewhere wrong.

And ended up climbing off that mountain in nothing but the moonlit sky.

And remember how steep it was up? My toenail was hatin' on me all the way down {I haven't been in that much pain for a long time}.

Without flashlights in tow, we somehow did make down the trail ... only three + hours after we started. 

And we found the logs over the water.

And made our way home to Sonic ... for a grilled cheese.

THEN we made our way home.

And I drained my toenail.

And I went to bed.

Overly ambitious, much?

P.s. Today is our babe's 10th birthday.

Somehow, he went from this:

To this:

He is my mini-me in every way. I just want to eat.him.up. And I tell him that every single day.

Happy birthday, bub. I love you!
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