Uhm. Seriously?

So, there I was.

Because you cannot start off a story with, "So, there I wasn't."

Well, I guess you can, but it just doesn't work as well.

But I digress.

So, there I was.

I had walked into the local mall and into Pac Sun. I was with roommate Jillian Jiggs looking for Christmas gifts for her sister. 

As we are looking through some of the clothes a sales associate comes over and greets us. As he does, he asks, "Are you shopping for your son or daughter?"

If you are not familiar with Pac Sun : THEY DO NOT SELL CHILDREN'S CLOTHING.

I would venture to say that the youngest person to shop there could potentially be 14-years-old, and that would be a little bit of a stretch. I don't know many 14-year-olds who do shop there or would actually fit into the older teen/ADULT clothing there.

PRAY TELL, when did I start looking old enough to have birthed a 14-year-old+ child almost adult!?

I mean, I know I am old for my culture NOT to be married, but seriously?

Now, I don't mean to sound arrogant, but I know my physical appearance doesn't look old enough for a 14-year-old. I know it. I am completely confident I don't look like I am in my mid-30's or 40's. 

So, then I began to question my attire. Did my skinny jeans, flip-flops and cardigan betray me? It was the cardigan, wasn't it? Maybe I need to ban cardigans from my wardrobe entirely! Not that I jump to dramatic conclusions or anything.

Here I am in all of my mother-of-a-14-year-old glory.

This was clearly before I was told I looked 45-years-old {as I photograph my Mourning for Mitt : 30 Days of Black}, otherwise I wouldn't have been so happy in my senior citizen clothing.

Speaking of which {wearing black not senior citizens - I have already reached my quota on them this week}, I am on day 22. I will be finished on Saturday, December 8th.

This entire experience reminded me of when I was 19-years-old and I was asked at Walmart if I was the mother of a 6-year-old Laotian boy. But that is an entirely different story for an entirely different day.

And now I am going to go put on red pantelones and the most fantastic sparkly shirt for our company Christmas party. :)

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!


The Suzzzz said...

I feel your pain, I'm 33 and I cringe when anyone asks if my teenage nieces and nephews are mine. It could be worse. I was on vacation in October and a couple saw me getting into a hot tub, they came over and told me I should be in there (and I quote) because "It isn't good for the baby". See? It can always get worse.

Jan Fisher Clark said...

At Young Women in Excellence (I'm an advisor) where the parents come, one of the moms asked me if these 2 girls (14 & 16!!!) were mine....umm no. No they are not. I was(still am) offended. You should be, too. You probably should have like, I don't know, flashed your drivers license or something. That would teach 'em.

You are beautiful, though. seriously. And if you were a mom of a 14 year old she would be one lucky dude. Totally her loss.

Shan said...

Ugh! That's horrible. You definitely do not look old enough to be the mother of a teenager.

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