Reasons why I am a big deal ...

besides all the obvious ones.

1. It is 8:06 PM and I am already packed for my little weekend vacation. 

I realize this might not appear to make anyone a big deal ... but remember how I generally don't start packing until about 10:00 PM before any vacation?

P.S. Headed to Boise tomorrow. GO AGGIES. I may have purchased a new USU sweatshirt and adorable gloves ... because, hey, it is going to be cold! 

2. I put all my laundry away.

{We won't mention that I washed it on ... Tuesday. Because that makes me sound like less of a big deal. P.S. Remember how sometimes when I put things in brackets, it means I am whispering?}

3. I started my Christmas shopping today.

As in ... I purchased one item for someone else.

{And about six for myself.}

But that is beside the point.

I generally wait until December 23rd to start my Christmas shopping. This is called PROGRESS, people. PROGRESS.

4. I haven't been on Facebook since ... the last time I was on Facebook.

Which was, like, three days ago?  When Claire and I made that bet ...

This really doesn't make me a big deal. Because it isn't hard at all. 

But I just wanted to reiterate that ... I am not on FB. 

And I feel kinda badly because people are asking me questions, adding me as a friend, etc. and I can do nada.

{Nada is Spanish for "nothing".}

In fact, I was apparently tagged in two photos today {thank you email  notifications!} and ... I have no idea what those photos are. They might not even be of me.

But I am going to win a bet. So, whatev.

So, there you have it. Four additional reasons as to why I am a big deal ... as if that was ever in question.

What did you do today that made YOU a big deal?


Shan said...

Of course you are a big deal! And if it makes you feel any better I still haven't put the laundry away that I did last Saturday. So way to go for getting it put away.

Shan said...

P.S. You're missing some good conversations on facebook this week because of the whole wearing pants to church thing.

Allred Mom said...

You are a big deal...and I'm missing your comments on Facebook.....and..you're ahead of me for Christmas shoppin.....and try to stay warm in Boise....and....I think you can come and put my laundry from last weekend away! {I know you need a trip to Northern California!} Yep....I was whispering there! :)

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