Old Main

Old Main is a building here in my hometown.

And, like me, it is kinda a big deal. ;)

It was the first building built at Utah State University. It sits atop of Old Main Hill and overlooks the entire valley. Pretty much the most photographed, most predominant building in Cache Valley {sans this little bugger}. ;) 

Yesterday morning I made my way over to this building to do what I affectionately refer to as Old Main Repeats.

Which entails running up and down these stairs ...

As many times as I can.. This photo was taken right before my first set. :)

When I was finished with my repeats {the most I have ever brought myself to do was 12}, I was Old Mained out.

 ... Until about nine hours later when I trekked back up that hill and those stairs.

To sit on my rump {in my adorable galoshes, if I do say so myself - and I do!}.

To slide down the hill with this gal.

On those tubes.

Man, we flew!

And my entire life flashed before my eyes.

{Okay, that is a lie. It didn't. But that's what you are supposed to say. Right?}

But I was sprayed with a thin sheath of snow {as I dug my boots into the ground trying to slow myself down so the experience did not result in my untimely death}.

PS Shout-out to Tiffy for letting us borrow the snow tubes, the snow pants and the gloves. :)

I have a good big sister, no?

And a good roommate. 

And now, I am off to eat some cheese and crackers.

I live such a rough life.

Happy Saturday!


The Suzzzz said...

Old Main is my favorite free place to work out, but I'm too big of a whimp to try it in the winter.

Missy W. said...

way to go. the most I've ever made it is 7 and I thought I was going to throw up!

Shan said...

We used to love sledding on the hills at USU when I was little. Some of my best sledding memories.

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