Just another day at work ...

Client: How long have you been Charles'* mom?

Ahem. Charles is my co-worker. And 27-years-old. Hence. I am not his mother.

In fact, I am not anyone's mother. BUT! I am especially not the mother to a 27-year-old man {nor a 14-year-old for that matter, remember?}

Mindy: I am not Charles' mother.

Client: Oh. So you are his aunt?

Mindy: No.

Client: I guess you aren't his sister either then?

Mindy: Correct. I am not. I am his co-worker. That means we work at the same place.

I am trying to decide what I like better ... this conversation or when another client told me, "Just because you dress fancy does not mean you can tell me what to do."

Personally, fancy is not the word I would use to describe my attire, but thanks. And I wish dressing "fancy" meant you could tell people what to do.



I mean, I see this working out quite well actually.

Until then, I will still be childless and one kjillion dollarless. 

And while I always try to leave on a positive note, I am going to leave you today with three horrible facts that were brought to my attention on this day last week:

Today is not Friday.

Tomorrow is not Friday.

Even the day after tomorrow is not Friday.


* Name has been changed to protect the innocent. 

1 comment:

Shan said...

As I read the ending, my thought was Friday is the day after tomorrow now!

People, are just plain silly.

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