Facebook Statuses err ... Statusi

I kinda wish the plurality of words that ended in "s" were more like fungus, where you just end it in "i."

So, when we talked about the plural of Facebook status, it would be Facebook statusi.

I am still on my FB fast.

The only times I want to get on is when I am bored. Liiike, when I am waiting for something. Or when coughcoughmyonlyroommatethatishomeiscuddlingwithastrangemandownstairsandIfeelbanishedtomyroomcoughcough.

It's a little unfortunate that I cannot get on Facebook.

It is a little unfortunate because there are now Facebook statusi that will never exist liiiike ...


Or ...


But then, we would be reminded that it isn't the worst. Because the outdoor flirting next door is waaay worse. Totes.

But then it looks like I am Facebooking my problems opposed to facing my problems. And we cannot have that now, can we?

P.S. I use the word totes to be obnoxious. Because it is obnoxious EVERY time it is used. Was I successful? ... In being obnoxious? I hope so! But still certainly not as obnoxious as the outdoor flirting ... because no one should laugh that loud or that frequently. Ever.

Hmm. I sound grumpy, don't I?

Which is weird, because, hello, my AGGIES WON THEIR BOWL GAME.

But more about that later.

Also, I think we might be talking about mental illness soon. And how some women of my faith wore pantelones to Church on Sunday.

P.S. Pantelones is Spanish for PANTS.

It's weird how often I throw in Spanish words considering that I am not of any Latin, Hispanic or Spanish decent. But, whatev. I am just bi-lingual.

But I digress.

We were talking about Facebook statusi.

Because I cannot read your Facebook status, do tell, what does it say right this very moment? Or what would it say if you had a Facebook account?

Ready, set, go!


Erica said...

My facebook latest statusi is that I met Alfie Bowe and Tom Brokaw on Friday at the Motab concert. Also met Elder Cook and Elder Perry, and got a picture with Sherri Dew too. I'm such a bragger!

Mike said...

My most recent status update says: "11-2! Definitely eating Idaho potatoes tonight! AGGIES."

Adam and Brooke said...

You don't speak spanish but you can sure sing a great song about tacos.

Claire said...

1.we weren't even cuddling.
2.like I said, at least he wasn't in.my.bedroom.
3.no one banished you.
4.you can get on fb anytime you'd like.

Allred Mom said...

I'm still posting a Christmas song a day! I miss your statusi. It's just not the same! I was curious what you'd say about the pant in church thing.....Yep....let's wear pants to show we want a say, because men don't have to wear dresses! Who comes up with this stuff....did they forget that we go to sacrament wearing our best because we are partaking of a very sacred ordinance? Yep....obviously, some pant wearing women did! Yep...I'm on a roll here!.....

Shan said...

Totally miss seeing you on facebook!

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