We put the A in CHAMPIONS!

There is  nothing quite like waiting at the airport to welcome your team home after claiming a championship title.

Especially knowing that you sat in the stands in rain, snow and shine.

Through winless seasons, scoreless game after scoreless game.

Watching your team lose the close ones, lose the not-so-close ones, lose the impossible ones to lose and being dubbed as THE worst college football team in the nation year in and year out.

All of that ... has made this weekend even more sweet. 

Plus, I was able to keep that senior citizen up on his 63rd birthday to join us for the welcoming home party. :)

It is good to be an Aggie.


Shan said...

Go Aggies!

Mike said...

I was really tempted to hop in my car and drive up myself. I should have.

Amanda Schroeder said...

I'm a former Aggie. GO AGGIES! That is so awesome! I love it!!

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