Thanksgiving | A feast for six

For our Thanksgiving Feast we headed to the mouth of Zion's Canyon to a beautiful restaurant to celebrate. 

All of our family was not able to attend, but we were grateful for those that could.

There are only 10 of us total, so even when just a few are missing, it makes a huge difference. 

But don't worry, I ate enough for the four that were not in attendance. :)

Ah, that little twerp and that little face!
  PS Have I ever told you that my second favorite color is sparkle?

Because it is.

Here's hopin' for Thanksgiving next year with all 10 of us. 

I would even accept 11. ;)

And I have now allowed myself to countdown to Christmas break! December 21st cannot come fast enough!

1 comment:

Shan said...

We had six too this year. It kind of made it a little cozy.

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