In my culture I am considered to be "old" not to be married.

But that's okay.

I mean, it could be worse.

For example, I could have no arms.

Orrrr ... I could have voted for Barack Obama.

Or I could be a BYU fan. ;)

But I digress.

I recently began attending a new ward {read as "church congregation"} because I am so "old" and not married. 

When you turn my age, you have to stop attending church with younger singles. You can choose to attend with older singles or with families.

I tried the older singles. One word: creepy.

So, with all resources exhausted, I began attending the "family" ward. 

The thing is this ... I am keeping it real at church with senior citizens. About 75% of the ward are 70+.

But that is okay, because we share the same dinner time and bedtime. ;)

On Sunday, I got dressed and walked across the street to church.

And then I had a panic moment.

Because I thought about those senior citizens.

And I thought about my tights.

And how those senior citizens have probably never seen tights that color before.

But then I realized ... a little splash of color never hurt anyone{trust me, I should know}.

I am now pretty much excited to rock these seniors' world, whether it be by colors of tights or learning new words and phrases like "yo", "Peace out, Boy Scout" or "Peeps". 

Yes, I can see this going very, very well. :)


The Suzzzz said...

Love it!

Andi said...

Love love lovve lloooove love love love!!!!!

Shan said...

I love those tights!!

Lauren Skousen said...

haha this is too awesome! you rock those tights!

Rhonda said...

One of my favorite posts! You are rockin' those tights, and are sure to brighten everyone's day!

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