November Second

I was able to be reunited with my men.

But I 'spose referring to them as my men is now a little misleading, as we met up for Adam's wedding and because we will meet up again in December for Chance's wedding.

It was such a beautiful day, for two beautiful people.

Adam has always, always told me that he would just know when he met the girl he was going to marry. I tried to open his eyes to a different possibility, as for him not to get his hopes up. I told him I hoped it would happen that way for him, but there was a part of me that definitely doubted.

But, boy, oh, boy - was I wrong!

His dream came true. She was his dream. He met her and he just knew. She makes him sooo happy and that makes me happy.

It was such a good, good day. :)

1 comment:

Shan said...

Oh! He totally deserved his happy ending.

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