Mitt Romney

In September 2007 I began my efforts in campaigning for Mitt Romney.

It has been quite an amazing five years that have led me across this country and included countless hours fighting for this country I know he would lead.

Being a part of this journey has been one of the choicest experiences in my life.

It has been my honor and my privilege to support a man of such faith, such character, such compassion and such generosity. His strength of character is second to none. 

And while I could not adequately express my gratitude to the Romneys, my best attempt would be:

You will forever have my gratitude for all you have sacrificed in the name of your God and your country ...

THANK YOU FOR THE RIDE. And if 2016 comes calling, I will be ready. :)


cami said...

I love this post.

Especially some tall dude that is in many of your pictures. It is like finding where is waldo for me! (:

Chelsea said...

I campaigned for Mitt in 2007, too! I went to Vegas and worked the polls there. It was a blast!

And girl. YOUR layout it cute! Did you do it yourself??

Shan said...

Way to go for campaigning!

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