Ankle Progress : Day 59

Yup. We are still going to talk about my ankle.

And healthcare.


But don't worry, we aren't getting political at all today. :)

I received my medical bill for my Instacare visit. And I couldn't help but notice that my insurance didn't pay a cent.

This seemed odd to me. I mean, I pay into insurance. It pays out ... somewhere? Right?

So, I called my insurance company and they informed me they were not paying for my visit because they consider it a pre-existing condition. 

And I laughed.

Because, it is so easy to see how the injury I obtained while running on fateful day 59 days ago, because on THAT day I stepped on uneven ground causing my ankle to over-extend in rotation, resulting in tearing my ligaments.

Yup. That totally seems like a pre-existing condition to me. How about you?

Oh, insurance. :) It is the only legalized gambling in Utah.

 It is super fun to pay bucko bucks for service I might need.

It would be like giving Walmart 100+ dollars monthly and they might give me groceries. 

OR!!  Paying H&M the same amount of money a month and they might give me clothes.

Awesome, no?

BUT!!! I am going to not worry about it for now for two reasons: 1. It's Thanksgiving Break! Five days off work!! And 2. I sent in my medical records to my insurance company, proving that by tearing my ligament THAT day was not a pre-existing condition.

Oh, and reason number three ... I have pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Nom, nom, nom.

Happy Tuesday Friday people!!


Amanda Schroeder said...

That is SO frustrating!! I hate insurance so bad I could just go on and on about that. I took a visit to the ER a few weeks ago, and you wouldn't believe my bill. Even with insurance. It's NUTSO's! Why do we even have insurance? haha!

amanda @ we and serendipity

steve and jessica said...

Stink. Good luck!

Shan said...

Grrrr! That's frustrating! But have a happy Thanksgiving.

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