In my culture I am considered to be "old" not to be married.

But that's okay.

I mean, it could be worse.

For example, I could have no arms.

Orrrr ... I could have voted for Barack Obama.

Or I could be a BYU fan. ;)

But I digress.

I recently began attending a new ward {read as "church congregation"} because I am so "old" and not married. 

When you turn my age, you have to stop attending church with younger singles. You can choose to attend with older singles or with families.

I tried the older singles. One word: creepy.

So, with all resources exhausted, I began attending the "family" ward. 

The thing is this ... I am keeping it real at church with senior citizens. About 75% of the ward are 70+.

But that is okay, because we share the same dinner time and bedtime. ;)

On Sunday, I got dressed and walked across the street to church.

And then I had a panic moment.

Because I thought about those senior citizens.

And I thought about my tights.

And how those senior citizens have probably never seen tights that color before.

But then I realized ... a little splash of color never hurt anyone{trust me, I should know}.

I am now pretty much excited to rock these seniors' world, whether it be by colors of tights or learning new words and phrases like "yo", "Peace out, Boy Scout" or "Peeps". 

Yes, I can see this going very, very well. :)


Our Black Friday

The last day of our Thanksgiving Break in St. George, we decided to liven things up a bit.

We headed up to the hills and rode our little hearts out.


 I like this next picture because: 1. Surprisingly enough, none of those white cars are ours. :) and 2. You can barely see my brother {with mama} on the right.

While all of us got to ride around the ATVs, he did not {obviously}. But I love so much that he still comes and is able to enjoy the experience. Being out there with my family was more enjoyable because he was there. I cherish every moment I get with him. 

We spent the majority of our day in the dirt, finished off with a little bit of shopping. ;)

It was a good, good day. :)

What did YOU do on Black Friday?


Thanksgiving | A feast for six

For our Thanksgiving Feast we headed to the mouth of Zion's Canyon to a beautiful restaurant to celebrate. 

All of our family was not able to attend, but we were grateful for those that could.

There are only 10 of us total, so even when just a few are missing, it makes a huge difference. 

But don't worry, I ate enough for the four that were not in attendance. :)

Ah, that little twerp and that little face!
  PS Have I ever told you that my second favorite color is sparkle?

Because it is.

Here's hopin' for Thanksgiving next year with all 10 of us. 

I would even accept 11. ;)

And I have now allowed myself to countdown to Christmas break! December 21st cannot come fast enough!


Thanksgiving | Pre-Meal Adventures | Meeting President Uchtdorf

We headed to St. George this year for Thanksgiving. 

AND! We opted, for the first time ever, to go out for our Thanksgiving dinner.

Weird. But acceptable, since I clearly play NO role in helping said dinner come to fruition. Ever.

Our dinner reservation wasn't until 6:15 PM, so we decided to go on a little Thanksgiving Day adventure to Silver Reef Mine, just outside of St. George in Leeds.

It was a long, long drive, but beautiful ...
and in the wrong direction for about two hours.


I feel like it is another location that has been brought to my attention that could use some good ol' fashioned SIGNS to direct people where to go.

But, whatev. It isn't like I have any experience with that.

Afterwards, we found the real Silver Reef Mine {not photography worthy in my mind as evidenced by no photos}. BUT!!

While there was another family there ... the Dieter F. Uchtdorf family to be exact. :)

He shook my hand and we were able to chat for a bit. I even got a picture!!

Okay, so not the best photograph ever ... I took it after we chatted as taking photographs with members isn't generally something the apostles or First Presidency do {as they do not view themselves as celebrities}.

We drove off as he and his family were still walking up the street and he stopped and waved as we drove past. :)

Suddenly, the two hour misadventure seemed to be quite the blessing in disguise! In fact, I plan to take a two hour misadventure today just to see which apostle I can run into afterwards. ;) If only that had happened following the epic Crimson Trail failure. :)

Next up: our Thanksgiving dinner, followed by our Black Friday Adventures annnnd ... then about one kjillion other things I have been too lazy to post about. :)

Hope you all had a wonderful days of thanks!


Ankle Progress : Day 59

Yup. We are still going to talk about my ankle.

And healthcare.


But don't worry, we aren't getting political at all today. :)

I received my medical bill for my Instacare visit. And I couldn't help but notice that my insurance didn't pay a cent.

This seemed odd to me. I mean, I pay into insurance. It pays out ... somewhere? Right?

So, I called my insurance company and they informed me they were not paying for my visit because they consider it a pre-existing condition. 

And I laughed.

Because, it is so easy to see how the injury I obtained while running on fateful day 59 days ago, because on THAT day I stepped on uneven ground causing my ankle to over-extend in rotation, resulting in tearing my ligaments.

Yup. That totally seems like a pre-existing condition to me. How about you?

Oh, insurance. :) It is the only legalized gambling in Utah.

 It is super fun to pay bucko bucks for service I might need.

It would be like giving Walmart 100+ dollars monthly and they might give me groceries. 

OR!!  Paying H&M the same amount of money a month and they might give me clothes.

Awesome, no?

BUT!!! I am going to not worry about it for now for two reasons: 1. It's Thanksgiving Break! Five days off work!! And 2. I sent in my medical records to my insurance company, proving that by tearing my ligament THAT day was not a pre-existing condition.

Oh, and reason number three ... I have pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Nom, nom, nom.

Happy Tuesday Friday people!!


We put the A in CHAMPIONS!

There is  nothing quite like waiting at the airport to welcome your team home after claiming a championship title.

Especially knowing that you sat in the stands in rain, snow and shine.

Through winless seasons, scoreless game after scoreless game.

Watching your team lose the close ones, lose the not-so-close ones, lose the impossible ones to lose and being dubbed as THE worst college football team in the nation year in and year out.

All of that ... has made this weekend even more sweet. 

Plus, I was able to keep that senior citizen up on his 63rd birthday to join us for the welcoming home party. :)

It is good to be an Aggie.


Let's just say ...

That I highly doubt these johns are coming off my body any time soon.

And, yes. I did leave my house like this Saturday morning.

Attractive, no?

PS Remember my 30 Days of Stripes? I am now doing 30 Days of Mourning, by wearing black ... to mourn the results of the presidential election. 

At which point, I will change my FB profile photo {of Mitt and I, which has been up since August} and I will take off my Romney 2012 bracelet, which I put on the night of the election.


He really would have made the most exceptional president. I would have loved to see the country he would lead. My heart truly does hurt.

BUUT, I have those stellar long johns. Soo, I am convinced I will survive, right?

Happy Sunday, everyone. :)


Mitt Romney

In September 2007 I began my efforts in campaigning for Mitt Romney.

It has been quite an amazing five years that have led me across this country and included countless hours fighting for this country I know he would lead.

Being a part of this journey has been one of the choicest experiences in my life.

It has been my honor and my privilege to support a man of such faith, such character, such compassion and such generosity. His strength of character is second to none. 

And while I could not adequately express my gratitude to the Romneys, my best attempt would be:

You will forever have my gratitude for all you have sacrificed in the name of your God and your country ...

THANK YOU FOR THE RIDE. And if 2016 comes calling, I will be ready. :)


That awkward moment ...

When your roommate confesses she has been a he all along.


November Second

I was able to be reunited with my men.

But I 'spose referring to them as my men is now a little misleading, as we met up for Adam's wedding and because we will meet up again in December for Chance's wedding.

It was such a beautiful day, for two beautiful people.

Adam has always, always told me that he would just know when he met the girl he was going to marry. I tried to open his eyes to a different possibility, as for him not to get his hopes up. I told him I hoped it would happen that way for him, but there was a part of me that definitely doubted.

But, boy, oh, boy - was I wrong!

His dream came true. She was his dream. He met her and he just knew. She makes him sooo happy and that makes me happy.

It was such a good, good day. :)


Just a friendly reminder ...

To change your clocks on Sunday and your president on Tuesday. :)


October | Instagram

Glitterfied pumpkins.

Ghost tours.

Makeupfying neighbors.

Door decorating.

A kjillion cupcakes. 

Hot chocolate.

USU Basketball.

Time with some of my favorite people.

Secret Agenting.

Being eaten alive.

    So long, October. You have been good to me. 

Bring it, November. :)
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