Stars & Squares

I had an experience this week that just ... blew.my.mind.

There is no other way to describe it.

I was put into a situation where I was "told" where I belonged in my culture ... but all my insides battled that.

I didn't belong there. 

I don't belong there.

And it wasn't because it was a bad place.

It wasn't because the people there were bad people.

There was nothing "bad" about it at all. Except I was expected to belong ... and I didn't.

It was like trying to shove a star-shaped peg into a square hole. {Me being the star, naturally. Not because I am a star, but because it is a fun shape and maybe ... maybe a square is not a fun shape.}

It left me wondering how I ended up there. How I ended up here.

How is it that in this culture THAT is where I fit in?

It is such a weird ... unnatural feeling to be told where you belong, yet know you don't.

It left me wondering where I belong in this culture. 

Because, this star-shaped peg will never fit into that square hole. 

And I am okay with that.

I guess it just leaves me searching for the star-shaped hole ... even if one doesn't really exist.

Yup. That is my week, peeps. Good thing tomorrow is my Friday. I love you, Fall Break. With all of my heart, I love you.

And, that's all I have today, people. 

But I will end with this smiley face to make this post happier.



Shan said...

I think it's okay to be a star and not fit in the round hole. I think the culture you (we) live in sometimes tries to stick us in categories that just isn't going to fit us. You do what's best for you and try to not worry about fitting where people think you need to be. We need more stars.

Helene said...

First of all I am freaking out because I hurt my ankle (broke it in 3 places rock climbing!!) and I just posted about it!! and ps so excited to follow your blog!

Andrea said...

Agree 1 million % !

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