Leo. I think.

We aren't really an animal family.

That isn't to say we haven't had a lot of animals {we have!}, but we just don't end up keeping them long.

Last experience? A cat. Named Gato {which is Spanish for "cat"}. He lived at my parents' house for ... three days?

The experience before that? A Shih Zu named Brinkley. He lasted the exact same three days.

Yup, they got a cat and a dog in the same day. And got rid of them both 72 hours later.

That was six years ago. I thought they had learned their lessons.

Evidently not.

My parents came back home from their house in St. George {visiting my brother} with this little beast.

His name is Leo. I think.

Now, don't get me wrong ... I do think he is kinda cute. But, given our history, I give him seven more days. Tops.

Which, will be interesting considering he is going to the vet on Thursday and getting the works done. 

So, I am not entirely sure what to do with him. He sits there and sleeps. And then he wakes up and cries.

What do I do with him?

I do feel like I should love him. I mean, what kind of person doesn't love a little creature?

But again, I say, what do I do with him?

Suggestions are welcome. Preferably before next Tuesday, because he might be gone by then. Oh, and my mom wants me to stop referring to him as the beast. That's all.


Shan said...

They have these little fake mice that have catnip in them that cats go crazy for. He is a pretty darn cute cat. Looks cuddly.

Jared Honda said...

"I do feel like I should love him. I mean, what kind of person doesn't love a little creature?"

It's a cat. There's a difference between regular, lovable creatures and these things. Big cats- pumas, lions, tigers...those are cool. There's a reason they make wildlife shirt featuring these things.

House cats? No.

Send it back to the infernal pit from whence it came. Or, if you want to justify it on more humanitarian grounds, think about how cats always try to sneak out to go hunting things outside. Leo sneaks out up here (especially with our recent snow) and this guy is TOAST.

Think of the cat-children. Send it back to the warmth of St. George.

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