Ankle Progress: Day 19

I am about to go batty.

And not because of my ankle. 

Well, in part due to my ankle.

It's my right foot. Look at the nast color. It's not dirt, I promise. 
While it is looking might attractive {if I do say so myself}. The bruising is going away. And I see ... a foot!

However, when I try to put shoes on I am in so much pain I think I am going to die! {PS My roommate said to me this morning before the seven o'clock hour, "Why does every bad thing equal death in your mind?" Which amused me. Unfortunately, it didn't amuse me as much as when my other roommate texted me and said, "British accents before 7 AM make me want to throw things at you." Oops? But I digress, as I often times do.}

I found out part of the reason that my foot wants to DIE while in the shoe is because ... my jacked up toenail. I had witch doctor look at it on Monday. She had little hope for the little bugger and said it most likely would have to be removed. She said she would brew me up a concoction* that I could put on it. "Give it a week," she said and then we would know if I would need to say goodbye to yet another appendage. Sigh. As I roll my eyes.

Clearly my entire right foot is a HOT MESS. I just want a normal right ankle, foot and toenails. But enough about my right foot. How is YOUR right foot doing? ;)

PS I saw two women in pink shirts that said, "Wearing pink for Mindy" today. I went up to them and told them, "Thank you."

Lastly, I had a Gmail chat status from three days ago that read, "I want need chips." 

So what did work-BFF leave on my desk today? Five bags of chips. Am I spoiled or what???

That's all.

* Those were not her exact words, as she does not view herself as a "witch doctor". I just don't know what else to call her. 


Courtney B said...

Ha ha! I always think I'm going to die as well! Either that or I'm going to kill someone.... wow I'm so violent!
I hope the healing continues and it's better before you know it!

Shan said...

I hope your whole appendage starts to feel better soon. And how sweet were those women to wear pink shirts for you. Man, you are special!

Amanda Schroeder said...

Ummm I seriously hope you start to feel better. This makes me sad.

amanda @ we and serendipity

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