Ankle Progress : Day 10

Today is Day 11. But we are going to post from Day 10.

The coloring and shape is totally normal. 


One co-worker told me it didn't even look like a foot. 

One roommate said it looked like a prosthetic limb.

I tried to explain this from day one, that it was difficult to look at an appendage on your body that didn't look like the one you've known for the last three decades ish.


I was at the grocery store without my brace on {gasp!}. A college-aged girl was already looking at the ground and then got a glance of my foot.

The look on her face was nothing short of complete horror.

She looked up at me and then back at my foot.

I am pretty sure she had nightmares last night ... about my foot.


Pretty much this blog post exists so I can avoid putting my laundry away ... that has been sitting in the basket for two weeks. Sometimes I play a game with roommate-Jillian where she challenges me to put 11 things away. 

And sometimes I play a game with roommate-Claire where she times me to see how much I can put away in that time.

I don't want to play either game tonight.

Even though I need that laundry basket tomorrow to do another load.


It's only 9:52 PM and I think I am going to bed.

Peace out, people!


Toni Lehman said...

Haha! I've had a pile of clean laundry in my room so long that I've almost worn it ALL again :) Maybe I'll put it away after washing it this time... Right after I willingly go to the grocery store and maybe swing by the post office ;)

Rachel Overson said...

I'm pretty sure I'M going to have nightmares about your foot! It doesn't look good at all! Your poor foot :( And that poor girl in the grocery store ;)

Meleah said...

I laughed so hard about that girl in the grocery store!
Sorry, your foots still feeling horrible though!
Oh, me and you both on that laundry thing. I don't want to put it away at all, and I don't even have a bad foot/ankle to blame it on. However I am getting a new dresser, so that's a good enough excuse to procrastinate a couple more days, right? Right!

Shan said...

I leave my clothes in the basket all the time. I think it's completely okay.

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