All Hallow's Eve

My day as a ruthless, Russian spy.

Know you are safe and in good hands this holiday. 

Happy Halloween!


Ankle Progress : Day 35

Five weeks after I tore the little buggers, I got ready this morning knowing I would take my first run since the  epic fall.

Wasn't my run beautiful?

P.S. The sidewalk photos? That is where I stepped when I tore my ligaments. While the side walk was a bit aged and a little rocky, it still didn't look un-passable. Obviously. 

The thought crossed my mind to avoid running on it. But then I remembered I don't let sidewalks rule my life. So, I ran right over that baby. And then turned around to take a photo. :)

I then ran the rest of the way home.

That's all. :)


Pumpkin Patch!

Everyone is doing it!

Going to the pumpkin patch ... annnd blogging about it.

So, I will do my part.

Here I am with my pumpkin!

At the pumpkin patch grocery store!

More to come on what we did with our pumpkins. 

What do you do with yours?


Leo. I think.

We aren't really an animal family.

That isn't to say we haven't had a lot of animals {we have!}, but we just don't end up keeping them long.

Last experience? A cat. Named Gato {which is Spanish for "cat"}. He lived at my parents' house for ... three days?

The experience before that? A Shih Zu named Brinkley. He lasted the exact same three days.

Yup, they got a cat and a dog in the same day. And got rid of them both 72 hours later.

That was six years ago. I thought they had learned their lessons.

Evidently not.

My parents came back home from their house in St. George {visiting my brother} with this little beast.

His name is Leo. I think.

Now, don't get me wrong ... I do think he is kinda cute. But, given our history, I give him seven more days. Tops.

Which, will be interesting considering he is going to the vet on Thursday and getting the works done. 

So, I am not entirely sure what to do with him. He sits there and sleeps. And then he wakes up and cries.

What do I do with him?

I do feel like I should love him. I mean, what kind of person doesn't love a little creature?

But again, I say, what do I do with him?

Suggestions are welcome. Preferably before next Tuesday, because he might be gone by then. Oh, and my mom wants me to stop referring to him as the beast. That's all.


So, there I was ...

I came home from work today freezing.

Freezing, I say!

I decided to hop into my bed, because that is like, what you do when you are freezing.

Not too long after hopping into my bed I received the following text from my roommate.

I crawled out of bed and frolicked downstairs to see the most perfect grilled cheese sandwich waiting for me. 

I live such a rough life, no?


Ankle Progress : Day 28

Weirdest photo ever.

Ankle on your right knows how to play nice. It's thin and has shape to it.

Ankle on your left is just ... pudgy. And a little ... lumpy.

Yesterday I kicked off Fall Break.

As in a day off from work.

Not as in another epic fall.

That Mr. Wegener has some classy wit, no? J

I am not entirely sure what I have planned for my day off, except I don't anticipate doing anything until at least 4:30 PM. Unless, you count writing this as doing something ... which, clearly, I do not.

What does your weekend have in store for you?


Stars & Squares

I had an experience this week that just ... blew.my.mind.

There is no other way to describe it.

I was put into a situation where I was "told" where I belonged in my culture ... but all my insides battled that.

I didn't belong there. 

I don't belong there.

And it wasn't because it was a bad place.

It wasn't because the people there were bad people.

There was nothing "bad" about it at all. Except I was expected to belong ... and I didn't.

It was like trying to shove a star-shaped peg into a square hole. {Me being the star, naturally. Not because I am a star, but because it is a fun shape and maybe ... maybe a square is not a fun shape.}

It left me wondering how I ended up there. How I ended up here.

How is it that in this culture THAT is where I fit in?

It is such a weird ... unnatural feeling to be told where you belong, yet know you don't.

It left me wondering where I belong in this culture. 

Because, this star-shaped peg will never fit into that square hole. 

And I am okay with that.

I guess it just leaves me searching for the star-shaped hole ... even if one doesn't really exist.

Yup. That is my week, peeps. Good thing tomorrow is my Friday. I love you, Fall Break. With all of my heart, I love you.

And, that's all I have today, people. 

But I will end with this smiley face to make this post happier.



Ankle Progress: Day 19

I am about to go batty.

And not because of my ankle. 

Well, in part due to my ankle.

It's my right foot. Look at the nast color. It's not dirt, I promise. 
While it is looking might attractive {if I do say so myself}. The bruising is going away. And I see ... a foot!

However, when I try to put shoes on I am in so much pain I think I am going to die! {PS My roommate said to me this morning before the seven o'clock hour, "Why does every bad thing equal death in your mind?" Which amused me. Unfortunately, it didn't amuse me as much as when my other roommate texted me and said, "British accents before 7 AM make me want to throw things at you." Oops? But I digress, as I often times do.}

I found out part of the reason that my foot wants to DIE while in the shoe is because ... my jacked up toenail. I had witch doctor look at it on Monday. She had little hope for the little bugger and said it most likely would have to be removed. She said she would brew me up a concoction* that I could put on it. "Give it a week," she said and then we would know if I would need to say goodbye to yet another appendage. Sigh. As I roll my eyes.

Clearly my entire right foot is a HOT MESS. I just want a normal right ankle, foot and toenails. But enough about my right foot. How is YOUR right foot doing? ;)

PS I saw two women in pink shirts that said, "Wearing pink for Mindy" today. I went up to them and told them, "Thank you."

Lastly, I had a Gmail chat status from three days ago that read, "I want need chips." 

So what did work-BFF leave on my desk today? Five bags of chips. Am I spoiled or what???

That's all.

* Those were not her exact words, as she does not view herself as a "witch doctor". I just don't know what else to call her. 


He does hear. He does listen. He does answer. He does grant.

I have considered writing this more times than I care to count.

It has received about the same number of edits.

That is because it is a delicate subject, meaning it can come across the wrong way more easily than it can come off the right way. I am hoping for the latter, but I 'spose that we will just to see what happens. :)

I am a woman of faith.

I believe in God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

I believe that God is not silent and that He still speaks to us today through our thoughts and feelings {as well as through prophets, seers and revelators}.

I believe God was a God of miracles in ancient times as found in the Old and New Testament and I believe He still is a God of miracles today.

I believe in prayer, that when I pray I am actually speaking to God, the Father of my soul. And that when I pray, He listens. He answers. He grants.

I know I am not alone in my beliefs. I have read countless experiences where you have prayed and that prayer was answered. I would like to just share a few of those experiences I have read. While I could share many, many more, these are just a handful.

A friend had the session for her wedding engagement photos scheduled. She woke up that morning to find that it was pouring rain and the forecast for it to cease was not good. She was so disheartened at the thought of having to reschedule. She prayed for the rain to cease. And it did. She knew her prayers had been heard and had been answered. 

Another friend and her husband wanted nothing more than to have a child. They tried just about everything under the sun, coupled with prayer. Months and months later, she and her husband knew their prayers had been answered when they found out they were expecting.

Similarly, a friend and her husband knew their prayers had been answered, not when they found out they were expecting, but when a selfless birth mother chose them to raise her infant son, where they could provide him with a life she never could. 

Another friend had searched high and low for an apartment that not only could she afford, but would suit her family and their needs. Everything fell into place and she expressed her gratitude for her prayers being heard and being answered. 

Do I believe that their prayers were heard?


Do I believe their prayers were answered?


I believe KNOW this because I know all prayers are heard. I know all prayers are answered.

I am grateful that people share their experiences like these. They give us reminders that God is there. God does listen. God does answer. God does grant. And by doing so, it gives us more hope and more courage to pray and to expect that our prayers will be answered similarly. 

However, every time I read something like this I am left with a little nagging thought {not a bad thought, just a repetitive thought}. A thought which is what leads me to write today. A thought which makes me feel like I can be a voice for those who aren't heard very often. I don't want to, per se. :) But I feel like since I can, maybe I should.

I am going to feebly attempt to be the voice for the faithful person who prays, pleads and promises ... yet their prayers aren't answered in any timely fashion. And, if they are, the fruition of the desired outcome does not manifest itself. 

I feel like I can be that voice because with the matters that have mattered most in my life, I haven't gotten timely answers {many I am still waiting on} and I haven't received the outcomes I have pleaded for {<------- dangled a participle, oops}.

Probably because those have been my experiences, when I read "I prayed for _____ and I received ______ , therefore my prayers were answered" it comes across as a math equation of A + B = C. And if I know math, with the that same equation, "I prayed for _______ and I did NOT receive ________, therefore my prayers were not answered" seems like the logical truth. 

But I am here to say it is not. 

I know that if that unhappy thought has crossed my mind, that it also must cross the minds of others who are pleading and praying, yet not receiving. So, I am going to be the voice that disputes that equation. I will dispute for myself and for anyone else whose experiences reflect mine. 

The real equation is this: Person + Prayer = God hears + God listens + God answers.

One of the most difficult times in my life is when I was living in Provo, Utah {obviously, because I am not sure little Aggies were meant to live there}. ;) I had left everything and everyone I had know and was living in the most un-preferred location I could think of outside of most third- world countries {yes, you read that right, there might be some third-world countries I would prefer living in over Provo}. ;) 

I had had some personal disappointments in my life. And that is to put it lightly. My heart was broken and it felt like my spirit was too. 

One evening I remember driving to the Provo Temple. While sitting in the car, I looked at its majesty and poured my heart and sorrows out to the Lord. I cried as I sought for ... something - anything!

Answers to my questions did not come. Direction to my confused spirit did not come. Peace to my heart and mind even evaded me at that time. Yet, I did receive a thought and feeling of, "The Lord will not intervene at this time."

I have reflected on that many, many times since it occurred years ago.

There were times that I was bothered by it. I wasn't seeking something big like for my husband to be walking on temple grounds that night, where we would meet, fall in love and live happily ever after. ;) I just wanted peace. I wanted the storm to be stilled.

In my less bothered attitude, I began to reflect on a block of scriptures that have always stood out to me, which are found in Mark, chapter six. In verse 45, after feeding the 5,000, Christ directs His apostles to get into a ship and go to the opposite side of Bethsaida. They obeyed and as they did, Christ went up into a mountain to pray.

As the apostles were in the ship a large storm rolled in that sent the ship tossing to and fro from the large waves. The apostles struggled in fear as they were at the mercy of the storm. 

In verse 48 we learn that Christ "saw them toiling". Yet, something interesting happens. While the Lord of the earth watches on, with power to still the storm instantly, He does not. At least not immediately. He waited until the fourth watch. 

Understanding the fourth watch in sailing terminology is crucial in understanding our Savior. In ship talk, there are four "watches" to distinguish shifts, if you will. The first watch is 6 PM to 9 PM. The second watch is 9 PM to midnight. The third watch is midnight to 3 AM. And the fourth watch is 3 AM to 6 AM.

The fourth watch of the night is when the Lord chose to come still the storm. And still it He did. But why did He wait until the fourth watch? Why wouldn't He, who even the grains of sand obey Him, bring instant relief? 

I learned from my experience in Provo on that cold night, that the Lord works with us similarly. When our prayers are not answered in a timely fashion, when our prayers are not granted it isn't because God isn't hearing our prayers or answering our prayers. And it definitely isn't because He doesn't care.

He just sometimes doesn't race to our rescue - He sometimes doesn't immediately intervene. It has been one of the most difficult lessons I have ever had to learn as I have sojourned in this life. And I continue to learn more about it everyday. But the most crucial part to remember is while He may not intervene, He does not leave us. Just as He watched over His apostles, He too is watching over us. We are never left alone. We are never forgotten. 

If I am to be completely honest, it sometimes feels like I have surpassed the fourth watch ... that perhaps now I am in the 47th watch {and no, there is no such thing}. ;) But I do know this: the Lord is ever present, keeping a watchful eye over me. AND YOU. And if He hasn't intervened, it is because YOU have been prepared to face the fourth watch, otherwise He would have intervened in the third. 

So to those of you whose prayers seem unanswered, unheard or forgotten, remember the He is a fourth watch God. 

He is listening. 

He does hear. 

He does care.

He does remember you and the pleas of your heart. 

And He does grant. 

Even though we may wait on God for many years, there is a day coming when God will change everything in a moment of time ... just as He stilled those waters on that day for His apostles. 

You just keep praying. You just keep believing. And I will too.

Happy Monday, people. :)


Ankle Progress : Day 16

It fits into a shoe!!!

While it is lookin' pretty good, I still struggle going up and down stairs. I don't walk entirely normal just yet. And I am completely incapable of standing on my toes, resulting in stilettos for conference and changing a light bulb being complete impossibilities.

PS I am so obsessed with Mitt Romney. I think more on that and how I volunteer will be coming soon.


Ankle Progress : Day 14

How do we make me hate the way my foot looks less?

Sprinkle it with glitter.

One of my favorite people did this for me today. That was nice. That was super nice.

I won't even begin to tell you that she massages the little bugger out for me too, because I find it repulsive to touch {and she is a massage therapist}. Can you believe she is that good to me? I can't either. 

Swelling is going down substantially in all locations. 

Some bruising is fading.

Some is still holding on strong for dear life.

And some is getting worse.

But the swelling is going down substantially. Folks, we might even fit a shoe on it by next week without me wanting to die with it on.

In other news.

Aggies play BYU tonight. 


And this beaut ...

showed up on the local paper today. You may remember it from here.

Annnnd, that's all I got for now. I think i want to go eat some spaghetti.

Happy Friday. :)


Ankle Progress : Day 10

Today is Day 11. But we are going to post from Day 10.

The coloring and shape is totally normal. 


One co-worker told me it didn't even look like a foot. 

One roommate said it looked like a prosthetic limb.

I tried to explain this from day one, that it was difficult to look at an appendage on your body that didn't look like the one you've known for the last three decades ish.


I was at the grocery store without my brace on {gasp!}. A college-aged girl was already looking at the ground and then got a glance of my foot.

The look on her face was nothing short of complete horror.

She looked up at me and then back at my foot.

I am pretty sure she had nightmares last night ... about my foot.


Pretty much this blog post exists so I can avoid putting my laundry away ... that has been sitting in the basket for two weeks. Sometimes I play a game with roommate-Jillian where she challenges me to put 11 things away. 

And sometimes I play a game with roommate-Claire where she times me to see how much I can put away in that time.

I don't want to play either game tonight.

Even though I need that laundry basket tomorrow to do another load.


It's only 9:52 PM and I think I am going to bed.

Peace out, people!


Utah State : Homecoming 2012

I don't know if I have expressed this sentiment before, buuuut ... I love me some Utah State.

And I love parades for Utah State.

Especially when they give you things liiiiike ...

roasted marshmallows! Seriously, roasted marshmallows at a parade!

And ...

Chik-fil-a sandwiches and a stuffed cow. Look how adorable the cow is!

Of course real Aggies eat chicken, otherwise they might be eating Big Blue!! Or at least one of his relatives.

Did I mention we also got some Cafe Sabor love? 

Chips and salsa? Why, yes, please.

And what else was there?

57 fliers

83 tootsie rolls

Six bracelets

16 laffy taffy

12 suckers

Seven starbursts

14 salt water taffy

Six jaw breakers

Six pixie sticks

Two bubble gum

A flu shot mint {?}

And white squeaky cheese. 

Why was it white?

Because the game was a White Out.

via Claire
Pretty successful, no?

It is so weird and fantastic to have a good football team.

USU beat UNLV 35-13.

It was a good, good day. 

Hope yours was too. :)

P.S. I cannot cheer for people who cannot get the right shade of blue. I don't care how much candy they have. The end. 

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