Summertime Adventures : The Lake 2.0

This time, we actually went to the real lake.

Bear Lake to be exact.

We are pretty chill at the lake.

We like to play in the water.

And float on our tubes. 

Claire and I bought two tubes from Walmart for only six dollah! They might have been tubes for children ... considering they had a head and antennas on them. Oh, and they actually connected together with a little snappy-thing. 

I may have made Claire pull me around, after all she was the head and I was just the tail end. 

While playing in the water we chat and laugh. We sometimes laugh until we cry.

Jillian was there also, but she likes to take the photos more than she likes to be in the photos.

When we get tired of floating  we trek back to land.

Where we read magazines like Runner's World.

Okay, okay. I read Runner's World. I am not entirely sure what the others read. 

But I am entirely sure that the previous photo was staged. And that this next photo is a photo of Claire setting up the camera for the staged photo. 

Also staged? 

I laid down attempting to take a nap. It didn't take. And when Claire got up to take a photo, I looked up at her, wondering where she was going. She requested me to lay back down.

Being a good roommate, I obliged. 

And even though I had two coats of sunscreen, I got burned.

Obliged and burned.

We finished off our day with a raspberry shake. 

See ya next year, Bear Lake. Keep it real.

1 comment:

Shan said...

So fun! I need to laugh like that.

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