Sheer desperation ...

is the only thing that ever leads me to a stove or an oven.

And sheer desperation reared its ugly head several Sundays ago.

As a devout Latter-day Saint, I observe the Sabbath by trying to separate it from every other day of the week. The ways members of my faith do this vary and are personal. But for me, it entails worshiping at Church for three hours every Sunday, spending time with family and by not doing things I do every other day of the week {read as: no shopping, no exercising, no work, no homework/studying while I was in school and little to no recreational activities}.

Normally on Sundays, I go to Sunday dinner at my parents' house or at my sister's house. It's quite fantastic and pleasant in every way.

But this Sunday, oh, this Sunday they were out of town. Frown.

And I hadn't thought of going grocery shopping prior to the Sabbath, because, like, why would anyone plan meals in advance?

When my roommates and I returned home from Church we scoured our cupboards, fridge and freezer to see what we had to consume. 

Roommate Stabi and roommate Claire were much more prepared and I. With their forces combined, they were able to come up with an entire entree of chicken enchiladas.

I, on the other hand, had a frozen appetizer of spinach and artichoke dip and a box of Rice-a-Roni.

The spinach and artichoke dip could be thrown into one of my closest friends on this earth, the microwave. But that darn Rice-a-Roni is far more high maintenance than the dip, and it demanded to be cooked over the stove.

I 'spose it wasn't that bad considering it allowed me to use my adorable pink pan for the first time. Ever. Yup, the same pan I have owned for three years and had never used.

Isn't it cute?

And look! I was domestic and didn't even start anything on fire!

And, yes! As soon as I get home from Church I get back into my pajamas. What of it?

The roommates were gracious and said my rice tasted nice.

Buuut, I am inclined to believe they were telling falsehoods.

However, Claire did eat the leftovers the following day, so maybe they really were okay?

Here's to Domesticity 2012! Because, clearly, it's only an annual event at best.

And you are welcome for teaching you that domesticity is actually a word. Who knew? Well, apparently Google Chrome did. :)


Jared Honda said...

Wow. I live not even ten feet away and you didn't call me to witness this landmark, epoch-marking event.

And to think, I could've provided for part of your meal. I am crying inside.

Shan said...

I love your pajamas!

Whitney said...

Well, I think Rice-A-Roni is yummy, so I would have liked it. Also--why didn't roommates share the chicken enchiladas? Also, I wear my pajamas every chance I get. The perks of working from home...I get to look moderately homeless the whole day! Not saying you look homeless, but I do. :)

Jennifer Blair said...

I totally get into my pjs as soon as I get into church too! :)

I'm definitely not a huge fan of the oven either. Stove? We are indifferent acquaintances.

Missy W. said...

Pink Pans!

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