My birthday! My birthday!

Tomorrow is my birthday.

And all I could think all day was, "I want cute toenails for my birthday."

Ever since the horrific Toenail Catastrophe of 2012, I have let the remaining toenails go. I mean, why bother with the other seven when three are completely non-existent? 

I just knew that having pretty toenails for tomorrow would make me feel special. Who knew that toenails could make you feel special? Well, anyone who is missing three would.

I set out to paint them one of my favorite hues of pink, including two that aren't really there.

I saved the most difficult for last. 

And from that point on, hope started to fade. And it faded fast. 

After about 20 minutes of pouting, I was convinced {primarily by others} that there WAS.NO.HOPE.

And that was that. My toenail was and is hideous. I cannot make my birthday special via toenails. 


Now I don't know what I want. 

Except to pout. I want to pout.

And for now, I am left wishing for happier times, such as on my birthday when I did have all 10 toenails.

I want everyone of you reading this who have all 10 toenails to realize how completely and entirely special you are tomorrow {on my birthday} because you have a complete set. It is for that complete set that I long and ache for. 

But to you ...

Congratulations. You are a big deal.


Adam and Brooke said...

I never knew...I think I'll paint my toenails in memory of you today. :) Happy Birthday!

Shan said...

Okay, so I never know on facebook if it really is someone's birthday or not so you can totally ignore my birthday wishes to you on there. I hope you have a great day today!

Allred Mom said...

So...in honor of your birthday, I repainted my 10 toenails! Happy Birthday, Mindy! When I lost my big toenail, and it took FOREVER to grow back, I could totally lament with you! Who knew toenails were the slowest growing things on the planet? Another patient learning experience! Hope you had a great day!

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