Last Week

A client clasped my hand in hers and told me she was praying for me ... and my ankle.

A client asked me to sign his USU football jersey because I was famous and I was the only famous one at work.

A client asked if she could play with my hair at the end of the day if she earned it, read as: find my split ends. {And boy, oh boy! Do I have waaay too many of those right now?}

I went to the USU homecoming parade and loved  every second of it! More on that another day.

I realized my blog has had over one million views.

I got a new phone! My old one gave up the ghost. It would randomly decide not to receive or send texts, or ring when people would call. When I would turn it on it would boot up like an old school computer with text shifting up the screen. I got a Samsung Galaxy III and even switched providers to Verizon. I am one happy girl.

I lost the majority of contacts in my phone. Oops. Sooo, if we are texting/calling/phone friends, please text me your number with your name. :)

I returned the crutches. :)

I miss my athletic trainers mucho mas. I hate massaging out the blood/fluid from my ankle and foot.

I found out that the man who invited me to go on vacay with him to a foreign country in November is engaged and getting married in December. Sketch, no?

I had a meeting at four o'clock on Friday afternoon. I normally get off at three. Let's just end there.

A woman I used to work with thanked me for my knowledge of behavior modification because she is now using a social story and rewards program at home with her daughter and it is working. Haha.

I went to a football game. And I realized it is still surreal that our football team is actually good.

I chuckled when my high school alma mater painted one our rival school's letters on the mountain side in our school colors. Clever, children. :)

And that is all. 

At least all I care to remember at this point.

How was your week?


AGK said...

NO JOKE! We [the Aggies that is] are 3 points away from being undefeated!! THREE POINTS!

And I'm happy for your new phone...and I will pray for your ankle too! :)

Shan said...

Sounds like it turned out to be a pretty good week for you.

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