Arg, me matey!

To celebrate 'tis joyous occasion, Shurlana 'n I headed to th' Shadowy Lands fer a parrrty wit' our buckos, Spencer 'n Tiffany. 

We put on our best shipmate clothes and grunged ourselves up a bit.

We ate some jolly grub.

'N earned doubloons fer competin' in challenges. 

P.S. I like me mismatched socks. 

Here be some 'o th' other scallywags in attendance. 

Scott reminds me 'o Smee, first matey 'o Cap'n rusted Hook.

Here we be havin' our scurvy pirate faces on.

It was a jolly good time. Here's hopin' ye were able to celebrate too. 

Ahoy, matey! 


Shan said...

What an awesome way to celebrate!

Missy W. said...

you make for a sexay pirate!

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