Ankle Progress : Day Three

My weekend was ... catered around my little bugger of an ankle. 

Due to my complete inability to walk, I realized the doctor's prescription for crutches was ... legit.

I also learned that crutches are ... obnoxious

I tried to be a good sport because I was still able to watch my Aggies defeat Colorado State University ... on a big screen TV.

While eating ... a Cafe Rio salad.

And ... Aggie Ice Cream.

And all the while ... elevating and icing the beast ankle. 

And the injury? It just keeps on getting more and more attractive everyday.

I kind of gag when I look at the swollen part on the top of my foot. 

It is measuring at least 1.5 inches wider in circumference than its non-injured appendage twin.

And it clearly no longer has an arch to it. NBD.

Not gonna lie, it feels a little like elephantitis. Have I ever had elephentitis? Well, no. But I can clearly sympathize empathize with everyone who ever has. Speaking of which, have you ever known anyone who has? Maybe I could start a support group in Northern Utah.

I am now able to walk without crutches {winning!}. But, the pain has increased each day. 

It is super strange looking at an appendage on your own body that doesn't resemble what you have look at for the last 30 years.

Oh, well. Because it is so fat, I get to wear a flip-flop on that foot to work until the swelling goes down. Almost worth it folks, almost worth it!

Happy Monday!


SNW said...

Yikes, this almost makes me want to post some of the never-before-seen photos from my jaw infection, where the left side of my face was so very fat. And I couldn't open my mouth. And I couldn't hide it very well because it was 95 degrees. I don't even think I showed my parents.. haaa.

steve and jessica said...

Aggies, Cafe Rio and Aggie ice cream is a great combination, but stink about the ankle. I hope it gets better quickly.

Shan said...

That just looks painful. But yay on the flip flops.

Meg said...

I miss Aggie ice cream. Now I'm craving it. Thanks a lot.

Hope your ankle gets back to normal size soon.

Sierra said...

Oh you poor thing!
Keep on going, girly!

Oh, Just Living the Dream

Cara said...

Pretty much what my ankles look like right after I have a baby... except that it's not just my ankles, it's my FACE. And I can't recognize myself in the mirror due to my basketball-head. And my eyes look Asian because I can't open them all the way. But at least it doesn't hurt... hope you improve very fast! I think the more Aggie Blue Mint you eat, the better.

Meleah said...

Aww! It's so unfortunate that this happened, and it looks super, super painful! I feel so bad for you. ): I would be ready to kill myself if I couldn't get around, and crutches just seem aggravating.
Really hoping it gets better soon!

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