Ankle Progress : Day Five

Torn ligaments never looked so good.

Toe socks {so I can wear my flip-flop, because my foot is too swollen to fit in a shoe}. And the toe socks match my pantelones! Perfect.

So, clearly I cannot really complain. Yet, notice how that isn't going to stop me. ;)

I apologize that my ankle has taken over my blog. Trust me, I feel your pain. It has taken over my life.

I have been to the doctor four times in the last four days and I am a little over that. 

I am also a little over the swelling. It just looks and feels super gross. Did you get that? Not just gross, but super gross.

In other news ... oh, wait. There is no other news. ;)

One day I will blog about something else. But today is clearly not that day.

I wouldn't hold your breath for tomorrow either.

Happy Wednesday, friends. :) I hope it was a good one for you!


steve and jessica said...

I love toe socks! I don't love hurt ankles though. :(

Whitney said...

Bummer. I actually like looking and reading about broken/wounded appendages, so I grant you a special dispensation to continue posting. I think I was probably a doctor in another life?

Question--do you own those crutches now? Because if you do, you should totally spray paint them pink.

Or if you don't own them, weave cute pink ribbon around them.

In fact, tell your roommates getting you ribbon and weaving it on your crutches can be their service project for the day.

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