Last Week

A client clasped my hand in hers and told me she was praying for me ... and my ankle.

A client asked me to sign his USU football jersey because I was famous and I was the only famous one at work.

A client asked if she could play with my hair at the end of the day if she earned it, read as: find my split ends. {And boy, oh boy! Do I have waaay too many of those right now?}

I went to the USU homecoming parade and loved  every second of it! More on that another day.

I realized my blog has had over one million views.

I got a new phone! My old one gave up the ghost. It would randomly decide not to receive or send texts, or ring when people would call. When I would turn it on it would boot up like an old school computer with text shifting up the screen. I got a Samsung Galaxy III and even switched providers to Verizon. I am one happy girl.

I lost the majority of contacts in my phone. Oops. Sooo, if we are texting/calling/phone friends, please text me your number with your name. :)

I returned the crutches. :)

I miss my athletic trainers mucho mas. I hate massaging out the blood/fluid from my ankle and foot.

I found out that the man who invited me to go on vacay with him to a foreign country in November is engaged and getting married in December. Sketch, no?

I had a meeting at four o'clock on Friday afternoon. I normally get off at three. Let's just end there.

A woman I used to work with thanked me for my knowledge of behavior modification because she is now using a social story and rewards program at home with her daughter and it is working. Haha.

I went to a football game. And I realized it is still surreal that our football team is actually good.

I chuckled when my high school alma mater painted one our rival school's letters on the mountain side in our school colors. Clever, children. :)

And that is all. 

At least all I care to remember at this point.

How was your week?


In a moment of time.

''Even though you may wait on God for many years, there is a day coming when God will change everything in a moment of time.''
- Bob Sorge


Ankle Progress : Day Five

Torn ligaments never looked so good.

Toe socks {so I can wear my flip-flop, because my foot is too swollen to fit in a shoe}. And the toe socks match my pantelones! Perfect.

So, clearly I cannot really complain. Yet, notice how that isn't going to stop me. ;)

I apologize that my ankle has taken over my blog. Trust me, I feel your pain. It has taken over my life.

I have been to the doctor four times in the last four days and I am a little over that. 

I am also a little over the swelling. It just looks and feels super gross. Did you get that? Not just gross, but super gross.

In other news ... oh, wait. There is no other news. ;)

One day I will blog about something else. But today is clearly not that day.

I wouldn't hold your breath for tomorrow either.

Happy Wednesday, friends. :) I hope it was a good one for you!


Ankle Progress : Day Three

My weekend was ... catered around my little bugger of an ankle. 

Due to my complete inability to walk, I realized the doctor's prescription for crutches was ... legit.

I also learned that crutches are ... obnoxious

I tried to be a good sport because I was still able to watch my Aggies defeat Colorado State University ... on a big screen TV.

While eating ... a Cafe Rio salad.

And ... Aggie Ice Cream.

And all the while ... elevating and icing the beast ankle. 

And the injury? It just keeps on getting more and more attractive everyday.

I kind of gag when I look at the swollen part on the top of my foot. 

It is measuring at least 1.5 inches wider in circumference than its non-injured appendage twin.

And it clearly no longer has an arch to it. NBD.

Not gonna lie, it feels a little like elephantitis. Have I ever had elephentitis? Well, no. But I can clearly sympathize empathize with everyone who ever has. Speaking of which, have you ever known anyone who has? Maybe I could start a support group in Northern Utah.

I am now able to walk without crutches {winning!}. But, the pain has increased each day. 

It is super strange looking at an appendage on your own body that doesn't resemble what you have look at for the last 30 years.

Oh, well. Because it is so fat, I get to wear a flip-flop on that foot to work until the swelling goes down. Almost worth it folks, almost worth it!

Happy Monday!


Fall {ing down}

Today is the first day of Fall, which if you recall, is my favorite season of all.

I thought I would celebrate ... by taking an epic fall on my morning run {ironic how I cannot remember the last Saturday when I went on a run}.

Apparently I stepped on uneven ground, and it brought me to my knees. Quite literally.

As I tried to hold back the tears, while in dog-position, I tried to stand and couldn't.

So, I crawled for a good four or five feet.

Meanwhile, cars passing.

Attractive sight, no?

I looked at my ankle and saw it was already swollen.

I brought myself to stand on my good ankle ... And then kinda ... hopped home for the remaining four blocks.


And this is what I was left with ...

When I showed mama the ankle she said she was taking me Instacare. Immediately.

I think Instacare wants to ruin my life.

I 'spose it was a nice suggestion. And clearly that is all it was as I continued to take this photo with my phone.

Good news: it isn't broken.

Bad news: I tore the ligament off the bone. I cannot walk and the doctor actually expects me to use crutches. Pff. We will see about that.

I am wearing an attractive brace. I figure it is almost attractive as me hopping those four blocks home.

All I can say is I am happy that winter is not a verb, otherwise I would be a tad frightened what my future has in store for me. I will uber careful though come spring.

Happy Fall, everyone! :)


Arg, me matey!

To celebrate 'tis joyous occasion, Shurlana 'n I headed to th' Shadowy Lands fer a parrrty wit' our buckos, Spencer 'n Tiffany. 

We put on our best shipmate clothes and grunged ourselves up a bit.

We ate some jolly grub.

'N earned doubloons fer competin' in challenges. 

P.S. I like me mismatched socks. 

Here be some 'o th' other scallywags in attendance. 

Scott reminds me 'o Smee, first matey 'o Cap'n rusted Hook.

Here we be havin' our scurvy pirate faces on.

It was a jolly good time. Here's hopin' ye were able to celebrate too. 

Ahoy, matey! 


I want to be born every day!

One year older and hopefully wiser too.

It was a crazy day spent at work and helping put on a Mitt Romney event that took up the majority of the day. However, I did find time to squeeze in two birthday parties  {and at least one more coming too} and three cakes!

I felt the love from family, friends, roommates, co-workers and even complete strangers {I got sung to at the Mitt Romney event!}.

Claire even got me fake toenails to fix the horrificness. Great roommate, no?

The only part of my day that could have been better was if Pandora had played "Happy Birthday" when I logged on. One can only hope, I 'spose.

It was just such a good day.

I am so grateful.

And as PI as this may be, it made me laugh out loud. It was the runner up for my birthday card from favorite-brother-in-law-Shteve.

I sure lucked out! Word to my faith that lets me celebrate! ;)

P.S. I was told I had to write the words "fat" and "nougat" on my birthday post or else someone would stop reading my blog. I aim to please, so there you have it. :)

Today is International Talk like a Pirate Day. And I celebrated. I will post about it tomorrow, but clearly my birthday was more important. ;)


My birthday! My birthday!

Tomorrow is my birthday.

And all I could think all day was, "I want cute toenails for my birthday."

Ever since the horrific Toenail Catastrophe of 2012, I have let the remaining toenails go. I mean, why bother with the other seven when three are completely non-existent? 

I just knew that having pretty toenails for tomorrow would make me feel special. Who knew that toenails could make you feel special? Well, anyone who is missing three would.

I set out to paint them one of my favorite hues of pink, including two that aren't really there.

I saved the most difficult for last. 

And from that point on, hope started to fade. And it faded fast. 

After about 20 minutes of pouting, I was convinced {primarily by others} that there WAS.NO.HOPE.

And that was that. My toenail was and is hideous. I cannot make my birthday special via toenails. 


Now I don't know what I want. 

Except to pout. I want to pout.

And for now, I am left wishing for happier times, such as on my birthday when I did have all 10 toenails.

I want everyone of you reading this who have all 10 toenails to realize how completely and entirely special you are tomorrow {on my birthday} because you have a complete set. It is for that complete set that I long and ache for. 

But to you ...

Congratulations. You are a big deal.


Summertime Adventures : The Lake 2.0

This time, we actually went to the real lake.

Bear Lake to be exact.

We are pretty chill at the lake.

We like to play in the water.

And float on our tubes. 

Claire and I bought two tubes from Walmart for only six dollah! They might have been tubes for children ... considering they had a head and antennas on them. Oh, and they actually connected together with a little snappy-thing. 

I may have made Claire pull me around, after all she was the head and I was just the tail end. 

While playing in the water we chat and laugh. We sometimes laugh until we cry.

Jillian was there also, but she likes to take the photos more than she likes to be in the photos.

When we get tired of floating  we trek back to land.

Where we read magazines like Runner's World.

Okay, okay. I read Runner's World. I am not entirely sure what the others read. 

But I am entirely sure that the previous photo was staged. And that this next photo is a photo of Claire setting up the camera for the staged photo. 

Also staged? 

I laid down attempting to take a nap. It didn't take. And when Claire got up to take a photo, I looked up at her, wondering where she was going. She requested me to lay back down.

Being a good roommate, I obliged. 

And even though I had two coats of sunscreen, I got burned.

Obliged and burned.

We finished off our day with a raspberry shake. 

See ya next year, Bear Lake. Keep it real.



Remembering those who lost their lives.

And those who lost their loved ones.

The day America remembered who she was. 

And her people were united. 

United in a strength I had never seen before.

But hope to see again.



Sheer desperation ...

is the only thing that ever leads me to a stove or an oven.

And sheer desperation reared its ugly head several Sundays ago.

As a devout Latter-day Saint, I observe the Sabbath by trying to separate it from every other day of the week. The ways members of my faith do this vary and are personal. But for me, it entails worshiping at Church for three hours every Sunday, spending time with family and by not doing things I do every other day of the week {read as: no shopping, no exercising, no work, no homework/studying while I was in school and little to no recreational activities}.

Normally on Sundays, I go to Sunday dinner at my parents' house or at my sister's house. It's quite fantastic and pleasant in every way.

But this Sunday, oh, this Sunday they were out of town. Frown.

And I hadn't thought of going grocery shopping prior to the Sabbath, because, like, why would anyone plan meals in advance?

When my roommates and I returned home from Church we scoured our cupboards, fridge and freezer to see what we had to consume. 

Roommate Stabi and roommate Claire were much more prepared and I. With their forces combined, they were able to come up with an entire entree of chicken enchiladas.

I, on the other hand, had a frozen appetizer of spinach and artichoke dip and a box of Rice-a-Roni.

The spinach and artichoke dip could be thrown into one of my closest friends on this earth, the microwave. But that darn Rice-a-Roni is far more high maintenance than the dip, and it demanded to be cooked over the stove.

I 'spose it wasn't that bad considering it allowed me to use my adorable pink pan for the first time. Ever. Yup, the same pan I have owned for three years and had never used.

Isn't it cute?

And look! I was domestic and didn't even start anything on fire!

And, yes! As soon as I get home from Church I get back into my pajamas. What of it?

The roommates were gracious and said my rice tasted nice.

Buuut, I am inclined to believe they were telling falsehoods.

However, Claire did eat the leftovers the following day, so maybe they really were okay?

Here's to Domesticity 2012! Because, clearly, it's only an annual event at best.

And you are welcome for teaching you that domesticity is actually a word. Who knew? Well, apparently Google Chrome did. :)


Utah State vs. Utah

Football season is here.

In state rival.

In-tense game.

Yet ... It wasn't the game that did this to me.


It was the marching band


One day I will remember to bring my ear plugs.

P.S. My Aggies won. In overtime.

It is a good day to be an Aggie. :) But let's not fool ourselves, it's always a good day to be an Aggie.

Hope your weekend started off as good as mine. :)


Vacay : Wicked!

I took a long Labor Day weekend to get away with the roommates.

It just so happened that Wicked was playing in Vegas.

Now, let's get one thing straight here.

I actually don't like Vegas. Yup, I just said it.

Now, I know you must be thinking that forsurely I am mistaken, after all, I seem to go there all the time.

You can blame my regular trips to Vegas on a couple of things.

1. My brother moved nearby. 

2. My Aggies play their annual championship tournament there.

And thus we see, I will go to Vegas to play with my brother and for my beloved Aggies.

Annnd, to see Wicked. And to shop at H&M.

Buuuut! That is where my loyalties stop. And abruptly stop at that. 

But back to Wicked ...

This is actually my second time seeing it. The first time I saw it on Broadway a handful of years ago.

I loved it then. 

And I loved it just as much the second time around.

The music makes me happy. Galinda, with a a guh, is adorable. Elphba defies gravity. Unexpected ending. Warm fuzzies all around.

I mean, how could this go wrong?

Plus, outside of the theater we found these fun-colored ... pipes?

Wicked made us happy. The fun-colored pipes made us happy.

I think my next theatrical appearance will be at Les Mes. Kinda excited about it. 

Also, I am trying to talk my roommate Jillian into going to Obama's America tonight. It's a task I believe I am currently failing. Sigh

P.s. Have I mentioned lately that I looooove Mitt Romney?

Because I do.

I have met the future president of the United States of America. NBD.

Wow, I am glad I got that political rant off my chest.

Have a wonderfully, wicked day. :)


Sometimes ...

I forget to blog.

I don't forget I have one. I just forget the verb of blogging.

But can ya blame me? I am currently here.

Photo via Claire
That is the blue moon shining its light over lil' St. George. This is the view when I walk out the front door.

Not too shabby, eh?

Also not too shabby, I am headed to Wicked in Las Vegas today!

I would say eat your hearts out, buuuut! 1. That is disgusting if you think about it. And 2. It is supposed to be 104* blimey degrees in Sin City today. Ew. Gross.

But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Later skaters.
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