Work. Olympics. Sleep.


Times 3,948,293,482,398,492,384.

Actually, that's is a slight exaggeration.

After all, the adorable Emilee got me out of my house for a Church activity the other night. 

It went down a little like this ...

Emilee: Are you coming to the ice blocking activity?

Mindy: Uhm ... Thursday?

Emilee: No, tonight!

Mindy: Doh. Will my bum get wet?

Emilee: Not if you bring a towel to sit on.

Mindy: Fine. As long as I can get a gold medal somehow, have it placed around my neck with the National Anthem playing. Does that work for you?

Emilee: Uhm, sure? Haha.

So, with an ice block in hand ...

I hiked up Old Main.

Threw my ice block to the ground!

And away I wennnnnnnnnnnnnnnt!

Passing those who might have wanted my gold medal.

And continued to ride off into the sunset.

Where, at the completion of my routine, I stuck my landing. 

Which, needlessly to say, was good enough to get my gold medal.

But, really, who else was going to get it when from the get-go it was referred to as mine?

P.s. I wore my Air Force shirt because the Air Force is part of the United States military and I felt it was the most USAish thing I own.

And it is grey, just like the uniforms the United States athletes wear on the medal podium.

Am I good or am I good?

Now I am off to eat some cookies while hopefully watching the Olympics. I say hopefully because channel five is currently not working. What does that mean? No NBC. What does that mean? NO OLYMPICS.

If this doesn't get fixed soon or a home extended to me that can actually view the Olympics, my existence might be touch and go. Just sayin'.


Shan said...

congrats on your gold medal and I hope your nbc started working again.

Shan said...

congrats on your gold medal and I hope your nbc started working again.

steve and jessica said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

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