I am about to give you too much information.

Yup, that is right.

The Queen of Vague is ... going to go overboard here.

And I only feel slightly bad about it.

There are some things I loathe doing. 

Things like going to the post office, the bank, the dentist, the doctor and the pharmacy. Just to name a few.

But there is something worse, believe it or not.

My disdain is so strong for this that I don't even think a word has been invented to describe it.

What is it?

It is shopping for ... underclothing. And I think you know what I mean.

I dislike shopping for said items so much that I am slightly embarrassed to tell you the last time I purchased one. And by slightly, I mean so much so that I won't even tell you.

I pretty much had a melt down in the department store.

I put on a depression robe {thank you, Abilify} and sat in the only logical place to sit when overwhelmed with shopping for said underclothing.


It got so ugly that I didn't even have band-aides on to cover the toenail-less nails. You didn't think I could sink so low, did ya?

Shopping for underclothing with only 70% of my toenails ... and no adorable band-aides to hide their ugliness to the outside world.

P.s. I really, really want to go to bed right now. But Jillian says she is going to "intervention the crap" out of that idea. 

We'll see who wins that battle.

I will let you know tomorrow ... while wearing new underclothing.


Missy W. said...

there ya go! No more shopping in person for unmentionables!

Meg said...

Does any woman enjoy shopping for such things? I hate it.

Shan said...

That is one of my least favorite things as well. Course I just hate shopping normally.

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