This is not a history lesson.

In 1972 the summer Olympic Games were held in Munich, Germany.

I am slightly obsessed with these games because one of my favorite runners of all time ran in them. His name was Steve Prefontaine, but most people just called him Pre.

Pre made distance running cool. And not just cool for collegiate runners or Olympian runners. The truth is this, if you have ever took a step outside your door and gone for a little jog down the street, you really have Pre to thank for that. For realz.

Prefontaine was a decorated American distance runner. At one point, he held every American record from the 2,000 meters to the 10,000 meters - a feat that has never been matched to this day.

In 1972 he was favored to win the gold medal in the 5,000 meters. But due to a strategic race that favored distance runners with a kick, Prefontaine was outraced to the finish line.

He didn't finish in second.

Nor third.

But fourth. 

Completely heartbroken about his seeming failure he returned to the United States. His friends and family tried to tell him that he still did awesome, fourth in the entire world! 

Prefontaine, well known for his sass, responded, "Yeah, I did so well that they should name a street after me. They can call it fourth street."

Witty, no?

So, why am I bringing this up 40 years later?

Well, my favorite runner of all-time, Bernard Lagat raced his little heart out in the 5,000 meters last Sunday for the gold medal in London. Even though he gave it his all, he crossed the line ... in fourth.

While this truly is an amazing feat, I couldn't help but think of Prefontaine's words from four decades ago.

And as the fourth-place stung in my heart {almost as much as it did in theirs}, I decided I would honor both of their legacies.

By drowning out my sorrows {and theirs} in a pint of ice cream.

On fourth street.

It helped my little heart just a teeny-bit to handle the realization that considering he will be 41-years-old at Rio de Janeirno in 2016 ...  I will never see my little Bernard win an Olympic gold. Sigh

I hate superlatives.

I suppose while I am disheartened since the Olympics are over, the rest of y'all may be excited. Because this means I will probably be able to update this abandoned blog more.

I mean, having the Olympics end is like a bad break-up. I am kinda left wondering what to do to fill all of my new-found free time.

It's tough, people. Real tough.

Also, it must be said, the closing ceremonies were like a bad acid trip! Said the girl who never has been on an acid trip, but now will forsurely avoid one at all costs, thank you London. 

What are YOU doing with all your new found free time???


Shan said...

Guess i should follow the athletes examples now and work out.

Cari Chapman said...
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