Summertime Adventures : Pool Party

Truth: I have never seen Jaws

Well, I don't think I have ever have seen it. Maybe clips here and there, with legs being chomped off, ya know, here and there.

We decided it was time to see it. 

While watching it ... in a pool.

Annnd, we had adorable things to munch on, courtesy of Claire


Truth: I was a little bored by the movie. Well, minus the parts where people were being eaten alive, naturally. And I think there were only four "snack" time for Jaws, if you get my drift.

The rest? Blah, blah, blah, kill the beast ... errr, the shark. 

As if there was only one shark in the entire world.

It reminds me of how when I was little I was familiar with the serial killer, Ted Bundy. He had killed a family friend's granddaughter. I remember the day he was put to his demise, when I was a wee-lass, and I thought, "Good, the boogie man is gone - forever!"

Yup. As if there was only one

I hate to tell it to you world, there is more than one shark and there is more than one boogie man.

Man, I hate being the bearer of bad news.

Speaking of bad news ... another toenail fell off. 

But, back to Jaws. I only had to look back in the pool once to make sure he wasn't in it with me. The rest of the time I felt totally confident that the waters were shark-free. And, from what I could tell, they were.

One of my favorite parts about the entire evening is when other people would join us at the pool, only to see us watching a horrific show about limbs being eaten off while in water. Needlessly to say, none of the other pool visitors stayed long.

We had a marvelous time. Next movie adventure? I think we will watch Signs in a cornfield. :)


Olivia Carter said...

Oh my gosh. What a cute idea! I love the treats and the idea of watching the movie in a pool. Freaky! I saw it when I was WAY too little. It scared the pants off me. I should probably see it again and it probably wouldn't be so bad.

Lissa Chandler said...

I was raised on Jaws (and shark stories, which is what happens when you spend half your childhood near a beach). Andrew saw it once as a kid and he says none of our kids can't see it because it will scare them too bad!

That said, I think I am going to copy your idea one way. :)

Lissa Chandler said...

And by "way", I mean "day". I know how to type.

Lissa Chandler said...

And by "way", I mean "day". I know how to type.

Shan said...

Love this activity idea!!

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