I keel things ...

Keel  is a more fun way to say "kill". 

I have always been one to keel bugs, especially when they are tromping around in my home.

I am not sure I have always liked being the one having to keel all the bugs, but living in apartments and now a house full of girls, there are no men to keel all the bugs. So, I have manned-up and done the keeling on my own.

However, if I ever get married, I am going to make my husbands keel all the bugs, just because I can

Until then, I will keel all the bugs.

Unless, I know that one of my male BFFs is next-door.

At which point, I will take advantage of the situation, call him and have him come and keel all the bugs.

He may have arrived with me squishing the bug in the cupboard {so it didn't get to our dishes!}.

But because JaredHonda doesn't like to keel bugs either, he brought reinforcement. 

And together, they collected all the bugs I had apparently already keeled by squishing it in the cupboard.

And in this situation, by "keel all the bugs" I mean just the one. And, turns out it wasn't really a "bug" at all. It was a spider. 

And, yes, I am in my swimsuit and a towel. I had just arrived home from the spontaneous summertime adventure when Claire had encountered the intruder {AKA the spider}.

Generally, I tried to be fully clothed when inviting men/all guests over.

But drastic times call for drastic measures, which, clearly, in this case means a non-fully clothed Mindy.

While JaredHonda was just visiting next door this day, he actually recently moved in. Little does he know he will be getting a lot more phone calls to keel all the bugs.

And he will love every minute of it I am sure.

As will we.

The end.


Krystal said...

Yay for helpful neighbors!! And it probably helps that Jared is super cute ;)

MeganandClaudy said...

I too looked forward to getting a live-in bug killer. I mean, husband, and he hates killing them as much as I do. :( Most of our arguments have arisen when a bug has crossed our path and we fight who has to get it. So, better luck for you!

Dan and Laura said...

Yikes! Spiders are my worst fear! I can kill bugs up to a certain size. But I definitely have my limits. For example, there was one in my kitchen sink one morning. It was HUGE! And Dan had already left for work. So I called my visiting teacher. No joke. She saved my life, really!

Shan said...

I hate spiders! I don't blame you for getting a man to come kill it.

Whitney said...

Oh, Mindy. You're killing bugs all wrong. All wrong, I tell you! You need to a bug zapper--a delightful tennis-racket shaped contraption that has charges of electricity through it.

Go to Wal-Mart. Go to the Garden Center that will be shortly transformed into Halloween-Town. In this Garden Center, they have Bug Zappers.

And not just any bug zapper, the best darned bug zapper in the entire world. I know this, because I've had many a bug zapper.

And...it even comes in pink!Also the bug zapper can double as a weapon, you know, if you ever need it! :)

And, I still make Dan keel the bugs. He just does it with the aid of a bug zapper.

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