Yesterday, here in Utah, it was Pioneer Day ...

to everyone else, it was just Tuesday.

What is Pioneer Day?

Wellllll, it means pancake breakfasts at the park.

And it involved a nap {because I was asleep for roughly two hours the entire night}.

As well as seeing The Black Knight Rises. And I didn't even think I liked Batman?

I still like Superman better. This will depict why:

Annnnd, who can forget the fireworks?

I 'spose the best part is simply a day off from work. 

But enough about Tuesday. Let's talk about Wednesday.

And how this is a small order of fries. 

Nom, nom, nom.

And, I think more stores should package your purchases like this.

I also want to talk about Saturday.

Not this Saturday, but last Saturday.

And I want to talk about Monday.

Buuuut, I am tired. So I am not going to talk about Saturday {not this Saturday, last Saturday}, nor Monday. So, y'all will have to wait for maybe tomorrow. Or the next day. Or Saturday {this Saturday}.

Until then ...


Katie Jane said...

I saw your family on the river walk tonight...I loved growing up by you. Good times. Plus, I forgot to tell you how stinking cute you are. It was so great to see you!

Elisabeth G. said...

Is that stuff from Violet Hill?! I love that store!!! :)

Mike said...

Clearly you don't like Batman, because he's the "Dark Knight," not the "Black Knight." :-)

Missy W. said...

please tell me where those fries are from!

Shan said...

I love the packaging to that purchase! Also, Dark Knight was awesome!

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