Training for the 2012 London Olympics

When I was a wee-lass I wanted to be an Olympian.

In fact, between you and me, sometimes when I am running alone I pretend I am running in an Olympic marathon or a 5,000 meter race.

Needlessly to say, I always win.

Even though I have never participated in the Olympics outside of day dreaming, I still get pretty excited about watching them. 

 I love athletic events so much is because they teach us that we are so much more capable than we ever imagine ... that the human body, spirit and mind can overcome all insurmountable odds.

Plus, seeing someone be able to raise their hands in victory and able to say, "Today, I was my very best."

Jillian, Claire and I have been talking about the opening ceremonies all week.

We knew we would watch them ... while eating pizza, ice cream and any other junk food we could get our hands on.

But don't worry, we trained for the event by eating hamburgers, cheese fries, salsa and chips the previous night.

As you see, we take our Olympic training seriously. Very seriously.

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Some highlights of the opening ceremony for me were:

Chariots of Fire + Mr. Bean
{I would have liked it just played alone, being a distance runner and all, but the addition was fantastic.}

The Queen's angry eyebrows
{Which led to this meme:}

And all the fun facts divulged during the Parade of Nations:
Did you know Denmark has the most badminton medals, sans all the Asian countries with more?
Did you known Hungry has the most water polo medals?
Latvia's Olympic chair was KIDNAPPED several weeks ago, which is, and I quote, "The least of their concerns."

Lastly, American athletes' extremely European-styled outfits that were made in China. Identity crisis much? :)

False. Lastly, the United Kingdom isn't nearly as frightening as China. Yes, we all already knew this. But after watching the opening ceremonies in Beijing I went home terrified of the hosting country.

This time? I just wanted to speak in a British accent.

Whiiiich, if I am going to be completely honest, is what I made all of my co-workers do all day yesterday.

Speak in British accents, that is.

And we all had a jolly good time doing so. :)

Did YOU watch? What was your favorite part?


steve and jessica said...

The Mr. Bean part was great! I think it is fun to watch the Olympics as well.

Krystal said...

my favorite part WOULD have been the sky diving... if only it were real instead of a stunt double... sigh... I thought the opening ceremonies were a little... umm... different? So I will vote for the rings coming into the stadium, the doves, and the cauldron. Super cool!

Shan said...

I agree with Krystal. I loved the "queen" sky diving with James Bond and I loved the Mr. Bean part.

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