Summertime Adventures : Not Lost on a Mountain

Remember that one time we got lost on a mountain?

Since we clearly got on the wrong trail last time, we decided we needed to find the right trail and not be lost on a mountain.

We started at the same location, with the sketchy log "bridge" and all. 

And two minutes into the hike, we realized where we went wrong the first time.

That is to say that for two hours and eight minutes on our previous hike, we were hiking in the wrong direction.


This is what the view looks like from the actual Crimson Trail ... or so we thought. After all, there wasn't like a sign to tell us or anything.

Just do it - the right Crimson Trail, that is. 

There were a lot of sheer cliffs. This terrified me, but not Jordan.


Once atop, we sat and ate nasty protein bars.

And took photos, apparently.

After a mini-pit stop, we kept hiking.

And Jordan fell off a cliff.

Or at least pretended to.

As we made our descend to the base of the mountain, guess what we saw?

Weird! A sign to let hikers know where they are going! What a crasy idea!!

At the base, we took a sharp right and hooked up on this baby trail.

Where we hugged the river to end up at the "end" {which was our beginning} of the Crimson Trail and where we had parked Wilson.

While this is totally a feat to brag about, not gonna lie, I still feel more accomplished about fitting this body into a suitcase.

Because of the lack of sign on the other side of the trail, it gave Claire and I an idea.

One I will discuss in more detail later. :)

Happy Saturday!!


Krystal said...

I enjoy a good hike every now and then... glad you found your way this time!

Elisabeth G. said...

I've totally hiked that trail & when my parents were dating, they got lost too. So, no worries. You're not the only wanderer. ;)

Gina Colby said...

2 Things,
one-those sausages in your picture look so so so flippin good, I almost licked my screen.
two-did you mean to write "the BLACK knight rises" pretty sure it's the DARK knight rises. But knowing you, and your punny-ness, it probably was some joke I just didn't get. =)

Gina Colby said...

and a 3rd...gina posted a comment on the wrong post...just in case you were wondering. =) I hope you get I was meaning to comment on your Pioneer Day post.

Shan said...

Gorgeous hike!

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