New York!

It has taken me awhile to get here.

With here being blogging about New York.

You can blame that on the heat. {As I get too hot holding my laptop.}

You can blame it on BFF Amber. {As she is only in town every year or two, I must spend EVERY waking minute with her and her adorable family.}

I think  what finally did get me here was big sister Tiffy-wiffy-poo-poo-pants at Church showing me the "L" sign.

"I am a loser?" I ask while in Church.

"You are a lazy loser. Blog."

Sooo, here I am.

Soooo, you may be New Yorked out by now, but here is the full disclosure of it all! And, yup! I am doing it day by day and all in a row

250 gold stars for each post you read. :) Bribery at its finest.

Now, more than two weeks ago {gasp!!}, I packed up my adorable pink suitcase and somehow managed to successfully get this baby down our steep steps! 

After about 12 hours of traveling {via Houston}, we arrived to the apartment we were subletting. It was on the Upper West Side and adorable!

Naturally, these photos were not taken when we arrived, since it was after midnight.

We crashed to get some shuteye before the following day!

Keep on reading, all posts are up! You should see through day seven AND then some NY tidbits. :)

May the force be with you in this massive update! :)


Brandon Thornley said...

sweet pad!

Shan said...

Love the pink suitcase!

Krystal said...

where can I find a pink suitcase? PS, I have never been to NYC... so I will savor every post and live it through you!

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